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"Hamlet". Photo from the archive of OKT (photographer Dmitrijus Matvejevas)

In brief: The annual theatre festival Temporada Alta taking place in Girona (Catalonia, Spain) invited Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre again. This year “Hamlet” was shown. “Miranda” performed in the festival last year was very successful and determined the possibility for OKT to visit the festival again.

Temporada Alta theatre festival takes place in Girona from October to December. Six performances, operettas are shown on different stages on the same evening, concerts and circus shows take place. From “Macbeth” to “Hamlet”, “Master and Margaret” or staged contemporary German dramas. In addition to Spain, Italy, England, Germany, France, the name of the Lithuanian theatre sounded in the festival of this year again. It is a rejoicing fact knowing the professional attention that is granted to every step of original stage work. This was testified by the press conference organised in Barcelona on the first day of OKT arrival, October 25, a newspaper published specifically for the evening of the performance with the extensive interview with O. Koršunovas. The director, actress Rasa Samuolytė and actor Darius Meškauskas was also filmed for a TV broadcast, a photo-session of the director was organised.

The author shares some moments from the press conference in Barcelona, in which questions were numerous and later remembers the day of the performance in the festival.

According to her, the performance sounded really well. The dialogues were so lively, the audience reacted to every nuance, understood the idea of the director and approved of each attempt of actors sensitively. It was the seeing and hearing audience. It was clear that the performance was created not only by the director and actors but also by the audience. The performance was followed by many encores and applause of gratitude.


Photos from the archive of OKT (photographer Dmitrijus Matvejevas)

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