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Deima Žuklytė
www.kamane.lt, 2015-01-11

In brief: The exhibition “Masters and Disciples: Elena Jakutytė” was displayed in Vilnius, at the Artists’ Association Gallery in December of 2014. It is the first event from the debut cycle of exhibitions “Masters and Disciples” dedicated to the honour of undervalued or forgotten teachers of art and to the presentation of their works.

The exhibition is formed of works of the lecturer of Kaunas Secondary Art School, graphic artist Elena Jakutytė (1911-1999) and her disciples – well-known artists Saulius Bučas, Irena Teresė Daukšaitė-Guobienė, Laima Drazdauskaitė, Petras Repšys, Edmundas Saladžius, Zenonas Tarakevičius and Povilas Ričardas Vaitiekūnas.

Four works from the cycle of E.Jakutytė on the theme of St. George created in the seventh decade are displayed. These are four variations on one theme and these works do not represent the full oeuvre of the artist. The graphic artist also created books for children, illustrations of folk songs, ex-librises, Mardi Gras masks, a cycle of graphic art on the theme of masks. At the beginning of her creative road, she created still-lifes and portraits, later started creating large format graphic compositions. The relation with folk culture is close to the artist.

Works displayed in the exhibition are divided into two groups by the author: works of  L. Drazdauskaitė, Ričardas P. Vaitiekūnas and I. Daukšaitė-Guobienė, in which one may search for the influence of the former teacher. Meanwhile, diploma works of P. Repšys and E. Saladžius show the contribution of the teacher and it is also interesting to see the early works of the prominent and talented graphic artists.

Thus, the exhibition “Masters and Disciples: Elena Jakutytė” pays the tribute to the artist and teacher who was significant at the beginning of creative road of many famous artists, it also proves that E.Jakutytė was a wonderful teacher who had the skill to help students to discover their individual creative road.

Photos by Deima Žuklytė

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