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Evelina Januškaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2014-09-17
Valmantas Gutauskas "Birds and Sea"

In brief: Music and art intertwined and replenished each other by their features in the contemporary art symposium “Glass Jazz 2014, which took place in Panevėžys at the end of August – beginning of September. Improvisation was one of the main aims while implementing the idea of the symposium. Still, improvisation is not chaos – it is the symbiosis of systematic work, creation and professionalism.

Therefore, the workshop organised during the symposium could be called “light plashing with hot glass” only at the first glance. The improvisations of glass were created by 28 different artists from 12 countries, who have mastered the subtleties of the material. All of them, inspired by the conception of the international glass symposium and continuing the earlier searches, implemented and presented a big number of impressive glass art objects and compositions for the exhibition.

Works created during the symposium may be divided into several groups according to the visual form: chamber glass art objects or their groups (compositions). All works were created using the hot glass technology and the further processing procedures varied: some authors composed annealed works in the exhibition space, others polished them, the third group of artists engraved (Aleksandr Fokin), glued them (Vygantas Paulauskas), included other materials (metal, straw, wood) (Edo van Dijko, Valmantas Gutauskas).

Visitors could not see bright-coloured polychromatic glass forms in the final exhibition. The created works are of modest shades, if a colour is used, it intertwines with the optical features and gleam of glass subtly.

Some of the works are massive pieces of glass that have turned into recognisable narratives (works of Indrė Stulgaitė-Kriukienė, Valmantas Gutauskas, Artis Nimanis, Anda Munkevica). Some are elements of rough texture or polished fundamental forms (works of Remigijus Kriukas, Julija Pociūtė, Zaiga Baiža, Ivo Lill). Some artists emphasised the subtlety of glass (Patricko Illo), while others show this material as a massive, heavy and strong artist means and still others use the glass blowing technique (Palo Macho, Kai Koppel).

The dominating theme of works is the social and emotional context of the artist or simply playful manipulations.

The exhibition of the international glass art symposium “Glass Jazz 2014” may be visited at Panevėžys Art Gallery until the beginning of October.


Photos by Ineta Martinkevičiūtė

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