According to the minutes of KAUET of 2008 06 18 kamane.lt , 2008 06 28

In brief: Kaunas Architecture and Urbanism Council considered the technical project of the residential quarter with public buildings that is being created adjacent to Kaunas old town at the address Brastos Str. 14, on the other side of the Neris. The project is designed by A.Kančas’ Studio, customer – Alterus UAB.Vygintas Merkevičius (chairman of the meeting): We considered the detailed plan of Brastos Str. 14 and 16 three times. We approved of it as of 2007-12-04. Today the colleague Algimantas Kančas will present the technical project of Brastos Str. 14.Algimantas Kančas: We have observed the height and density of buildings according to the prepared detailed plan. The quarter is formed of residential houses of 16 – 30 m height and commercial public buildings of 54 m height. Three variants of the commercial building composition are presented.Buildings become lower towards the river according to the general conception. Residential buildings are long, so that the river would be visible. Public premises, cafes may be furnished on the ground floors of residential buildings at the quay. Flats of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms are planned. About 800 flats have been planned in total. According to the plan, the public centre should be built first and then the residential buildings.Indexes:198 outside automobile parking places,966 parking places in the underground garage under residential buildings,296 parking places in the underground garage under the commercial and residential building,805 flats in the residential building,50 flats in the commercial and residential building,45000 sq m area in residential buildings.Density of buildings 150 percent.After expressing opinions about the project, the council members came to a conclusion to disapprove of the presented project “RESIDENTIAL QUARTER WITH PUBLIC BUILDINGS AT BRASTOS STR. 14” (technical project designed by A.Kančas’ Studio, customer Alterus UAB).It was recommended to consider the project once again taking into regard the notes of the experts:1. The concept of the quay line construction and tidying-up is necessary (11 experts).2. The access roads should be planned (10 experts).3. The buildings of the quarter are too monotonous; spaces among buildings are not humane (9 experts).4. Too intensive density of the quarter buildings and too high buildings (6 experts).5. It is necessary to present offers of the quarter internal spaces (green areas, playing grounds of children, etc.) (6 experts).6. It would be useful to check the insolation of flats, to present sections of spaces (3 experts).7. It is offered to adapt ground floors of residential buildings for commonly used premises (3 experts).8. It is recommended to present the visual analysis of the quarter from the old town, another side of the Nemunas (3 experts).Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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