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The time has come to elect and honour the most memorable artist of Kaunas of the year 2007 who has charmed you not only because he/she is a good acquaintance, a friend or a member of the same union, an influential colleague or a simple relative, a leader of a closed circle of friends but because he/she was remarkable by works important to Kaunas and Lithuania this year.

The election of the most remarkable artist of 2007 called “The Most Memorable Artist of Kaunas of 2007“ is announced by Kaunas Artists’ House. The elected artist will be announced solemnly and honoured at Kaunas Artists' House on January 11, 2008.

His/her name will be inscribed on the sculptural composition of Stasys Žirgulis “Winged Column“.

Continuing the tradition started in 1998, all people of the city and guests of Kaunas are invited to participate in the election.

Creative unions of Kaunas and the most active inhabitants of Kaunas have already presented their offers:

The Painters’ Union, Kaunas Branch, recommends the painter Jūratė Rekevičiūtė for the active, bright and memorable activity related with exhibitions and projects in 2007.

The Art Photographers’ Association, Kaunas Branch, has distinguished the art photographer Gintaras Česonis among other colleagues for the photography albums “Father Stanislovas“ and “Walks in Kaunas Fortress“.

The Writers’ Union, Kaunas Branch, recommends the poet and essayist Donaldas Kajokas for the first novel “Kazašas“.

Kaunas Branch of the Folk Art Union would like to honour the folk artist and cross maker Adolfas Teresius for the successful participation in the republic competitive exhibition of folk art “Golden Wreath“.

Understanding that the candidate should be an extremely bright figure of the year and realising the real situation of the creative context of the year in their field, Kaunas branches of other creative unions did not offer any candidates. Others did not offer candidates due to negligence perhaps.

In the opinion of a group of Kaunas inhabitants, the architect, historian of architecture and academic Algimantas Miškinis deserves the honourable title for the fact that he granted the huge collection of Lithuanian and world fine and applied art accumulated at his expense for the entire life to Kaunas without any remuneration.

The supporters of the respectful old Kaunas modernisation would like that the architect Asta Prikockienė would be honoured for exceptional sensitivity to historical heritage practiced for several decades in Kaunas and other cities. This year the architect demonstrated the exceptional talent by the harmonious dialogue between the past and the present while creating the hotel Daugirdas in T.Daugirdas Street.

Your opinion about Kaunas artists creating to you and your guests is really important.

After deciding which artist of the city was the most memorable to you in 2007, write his/her name, surname, creative works as well as your own name, surname and address.

The votes may be sent by a letter by the address:

Kauno Menininkų Namai (Kaunas Artists’ House)

V.Putvinskio g. 56

LT – 44211 Kaunas;

E-mail: kaunomenai@yahoo.com

Fax: (8 37) 22 72 22 by December 23.

You are also invited to offer the possible leaders of Kaunas creative year presenting arguments in the portal www.kamane.lt .

The board of the Artists’ House (composer Vidmantas Bartulis, composer Dalia Kairaitytė, art photographer Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, painter Eugenijus Nalevaika, soloist Giedrius Prunskus, art critic Vida Savičiūnaitė, actress Rūta Staliliūnaitė, painter Gintautas Vaičys and actor Viktoras Valašinas) will select the creator of Kaunas who has created the brightest works in the city and the country and who is worth of the title of “The Most Memorable Artist of Kaunas of 2007” out of candidates offered by creative unions and you.

Former most memorable artists of Kaunas:

1998 – actress Jūratė Onaitytė and violinist Vilhelmas Čepinskis.

1999 – painter Romualdas Čarna.

2000 – soloist Sabina Martinaitytė.

2001 – actress Rūta Staliliūnaitė and sculptor Leonas Strioga.

2002 – sculptor Robertas Antinis.

2003 – composer Giedrius Kuprevičius.

2004 – poetess, actress Daiva Čepauskaitė and conductor Petras Bingelis

2005 – composer Vidmantas Bartulis and art photographer Romualdas Požerskis.

2006 – poet, essayist Kęstutis Navakas and art photographer Romualdas Rakauskas.

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