The well-known Lithuanian painter Vytautas Eigirdas died on 23 August 2012 at the age of 55.

V. Eigirdas was born in Kaunas on 20 January 1957. In 1975 he graduated from J. Naujalis Secondary School, in 1977 he entered the LSSR State Art Institute in Vilnius, in 1983 the artist completed it and acquired the specialty of a lecturing artist. He worked as the artist of Kaunas domestic service company Ąžuolas; from 1983 he was the master of the Manufacturing Environment Design Department of the State Art Institute, Kaunas Faculty, in 1984-1986 he worked as a lecturer; in 1986-1987 he worked as a lecturer of Kaunas S. Žukas Applied Art Technical School. The artist started participating in exhibitions since 1983. He was engaged in creative work only since 1987. The artist entered the Lithuanian Artists’ Association in 1988.

The artist worked in the fields of painting, watercolour and graphic art. He participated in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, has organised some solo shows in Lithuania and other countries.

Kotryna Džilavjan: “Despite the fact that V. Eigirdas allocated really much attention to motifs of the Bible in his works, his drawings are neither pious nor sacral. Deformed silhouettes, sharp contrasts of black and white, hyperbolised narration, abundance of Freudian images lets one guess that the artist is interested in marginal statuses: collisions of ecstasy and brutal power, tension of life and death, paradoxes of pleasure and guilt. V.Eigirdas creates an apocalyptical space; still, his apocalypse is not the Judgement Day but the triumph of the change of the world, a fatal fight between the spirit and matter.”