Mechanisms of imagination in actor’s creative work 0

Justinas Kalinauskas, 2014-11-19

In brief: The methodology of Michael Chekhov may be valued as a multi-layered selection of various physical, psychical and psychophysical practices which, despite different levels and access points, retains the general idea. Although the realised character may be considered to be the object of work in the method, the qualitative features of a character in particular and the psychophysical nuances of a role that reveal in the actor’s expression become the key elements of the stage act.

Organic expression of an actor requires adequate internal content which is closely related with the liberated emotional reaction (psychological resonance), intuitive thinking and productive imagination. Imagination in particular should be considered the most important component and starting point trying to realise how the tools of full-rate creation are formed gradually in the methodology of M. Chekhov.

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