Martyna Gedvilaitė, "I accept theatre as a gift" 0

Interview by Deimantė Dementavičiūtė-Stankuvienė, 2016-08-01

In brief: Martyna Gedvilaitė - the younger generation actress working at the Kaunas State Drama Theatre, The Odd Man Theatre and Šiauliai Drama Theatre celebrated her thirtieth anniversary on the 14th of July. Roles played by the actress radiate with the search for artistic quality and originality, great passion, faith and a spellbinding voice. In the interview the young artist shares what it means to be a young actor today.

Actress first graduated with a BA in history from the Vilnius Pedagogical University and only after that she entered the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. I was wondering why Martyna Gedvilaitė took some time before choosing the acting career. "Long story," answers Martyna. "After school, I could not even imagine that I would be an actress and work in theatre. Of course, it was always deep inside of me, but I thought, "You need to choose something practical and history is very practical." Truth be told, I really liked history, but after my studies, (2009) the crisis hit and it was very hard to find a job according to your specialty."

Martyna Gedvilaitė's roles revealed her excellent vocal skills. Especially memorable is the voice of Mis Akasija in the Mechanical Heart.

Actress says she has always loved singing, "I come from a small town (Raseiniai), which does not have a lot of activities. When I was in my teens, I asked my parents to buy me a guitar, which I played for my own pleasure for a long time and afterwards we created a band with a few friends and played rock music.”

“I accepted the role of Mis Akasija in the Mechanical Heart as a gift. I was developing it, after having worked in Kaunas for only a half year. I still have the nicest memories, although the role demanded a lot of strength and willpower."

I wanted to know what problems a young actor of today has to face. Martyna Gedvilaitė answers, "At least now, at the Kaunas State Drama Theatre, I have all the conditions to create and that is wonderful. It all depends on how much are you willing to invest. I have a lot of ideas, which, I hope I will be able to fulfill, because this theatre accepts and promotes it. Now, talking on a larger scale, I would point out one problem - there are many universities preparing actors. Two classes of actors graduate from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre annually and the number of people who enter the classes is quite high. Many of them are really talented, energetic, and full of hopes and ideas. The only question is, where will they all go afterwards?! Not every course leader takes care of his "kids" by offering them jobs."

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