Vytautas Martišius was born in Kaunas on September 6, 1959. He suffered a tragic death on December 16, 2000 and is buried in Tabariškės graveyard, Kaunas region.

He graduated from Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute in 1980 and the State Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy) in 1985. The artist started participating in exhibitions from 1987.

In 1985–1989 he worked as a lecturer at Stepas Žukas Art Technical School (present Kaunas College, J. Vienožinskis Art Study Centre) and as the chief assistant of Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Art Academy between 1995–2000.

In 1996 he received the grand prix in the international sculpture quadrennial in Riga.

Vytautas Martišius was a professional, hard-working artist who never lacked attention of customers, who was always original and keeping to his principles. He created artworks from wood, metal, plastic and other materials. He did not copy recognised sculpture masters. Lively, and smooth forms of his artworks spread natural and sometimes mystical warmth, sometimes light humour and always provoke for a dialogue.


1996 – Exhibition of Kaunas Art Institute lecturers “Kaunas – Riga – Kaunas”. Riga, Latvia.
1996 – International quadrennial of sculpture “Riga- 96”. Riga Arsenal, Latvia.
1996 – Symposium of wood sculpture for the memory of M. Menčinskas. Zoology garden, Kaunas
1996 – Environment art action “Sign to Kaunas II”. Kaunas.
1997 – Personal exhibition. Picture Gallery, Kaunas.
1997 – “Plane – IV”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1997 - Exhibition of Kaunas Art Institute lecturers “Kaunas-Riga-Kaunas”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1997 - Symposium of wood sculpture for the memory of M. Menčinskas. Botanical garden, Kaunas.
1997 - “Lithuanian Painting ‘97”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.
1998 – Contemporary art symposium “Twilight Zone”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1999 – Symposium of stone sculpture “500 years – for Panevėžys”. Panevėžys.
2000 – “Mondoarte – Worldart”. Rivoli, Italy.
2000 – Review exhibition of fine and applied art 1997-2000 “Tradition and Future”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.
2000 – Exhibition of fine and applied art 1997-2000 “Tradition and Future”. Vasby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.

Major exterior and interior works:

1985 - “Oak Crown”. Monument for soldiers of all times. Druskininkai. Bronze, h-210.
1989 - “Plant of Paths”. Sculpture for Kauno Audiniai company. Wood, h-160.
1991 – Kaltinėnai church stations. Relief, sandstone, h-210.
1991 - “Burmedžiai”. AB Lietuvos Energija, sports and health complex of Alytus heating network. Wood, h-300.
1999 - “Wood of Life”. Panevėžys Senvagė park. Granite, h-315.

From 1995, Vytautas Martišius participated in sculpture and contemporary art symposiums dedicated to Matas Menčinskas annually.

In 1993, the sculptor won the state competition for the memorial dedicated to the prisoners of Stuthof concentration camp and Lithuanian intellectuals who resisted the German occupation.

In 1994, he was awarded by the prize for the memorial “Black Sun” for the memory of genocide victims and participants of resistance fights. The memorial was to be placed near the Resurrection Church. Both signs of memory – for Stuthof prisoners and genocide victims – remain unfulfilled.

The fire caused by the explosion in the workshop of the artist destroyed almost all sketches and artworks of the artist in December of 2000.

Vytautas Martišius did not have a chance to participate in the exhibition “Personal Movement” in 2001 where he was going to demonstrate an aircraft of 3 meters of bronze, glass and marble. Instead of this work, the son of the artist who lost his life dedicated to him the miniature plastic plane put on the pillow of stars hovering in the air.