Prof. V.Stauskas (1932-2014). Photo from

The professor of architecture, urban planner, lecturer of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts Vladas Stauskas died at the age of 81 on November 19. He was one of the most active persons in the field of Lithuanian landscape architecture.

Vladas Stauskas was born in Kaunas in 1932, grew up Dusetos (Zarasai district), studied at Kaunas Aušra Gymnasium. In 1951 he completed Kaunas Polytechnic School, in 1957 – Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, Department of Architecture (acquired the diploma of the engineer-architect), started working at Miestprojektas. In 1968 he became the head of the Recreational and Landscape Architecture Sector of the Lithuanian Architecture and Construction Science Institute.

In 1985 V.Stauskas was conferred the degree of the habilitated doctor of humanitarian sciences (architecture). He was a member of the Reconstructive Senate while restoring VMU in 1989, later –professor of the Faculty of Arts. In 1993–2001 he worked as the dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Works of the architect have been evaluated by two state prizes – for the development of Lithuanian resorts, recreation and tourism zones – in 1968, for the architectural ensemble of Kaunas Unity Square – in 1972. The order For Merits to Lithuania and the Knight’s Cross, Title of Honour of the Knight of Architecture and Order was granted in 2003. The Lithuanian Landscape Architects’ Union awarded the sign of honour For Merits to Lithuanian Landscape Architecture in 2005.

In 2008 Kaunas City Municipality and the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch awarded the title of honour and prize of the activist of culture and art of the year.

V. Stauskas has designed 17 buildings, from which 12 have been constructed. Some of the most famous works of the architect: project of Kaunas architecture ensemble in Unity Square, Pramprojektas Palace in Kaunas (1972, along with A.Sprindys), residential quarter in Nida, Kopų Street (1974, along with V. Raginis), holiday homestead Kregždutė near Palanga (1976), reconstruction of ethnographic fisherman’s house in Neringa (1972), holiday home Vėjopatis in Pervalka (1982, along with P. Gecevičius), sketch idea of Žalgiris yacht-club in Kaunas (technical project by D. Petkelienė).

The architect is buried in Kaunas Panemunė Cemetery.


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