Art and theatre critic, journalist, translator, educator of art criticism, public figure, founder and chief editor of art news website Vida Savičiūnaitė was born in Virsnis, Anykščiai district on 15 January, 1956.

In 1963-67 she learned at Akmena Primary School, in 1967-70 - at Andrioniškis School, in 1970-74 at Kaunas A. Mickevičius Secondary School. She studied at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute in 1974-79 and at the State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in Leningrad (St. Petersburg, Russia) in 1980-86 and acquired the speciality of art critic.

V. Savičiūnaitė worked as a lecturer at Kaunas 23rd Technical School in 1979-82, head of the Literature Department at Kaunas Puppet Theatre in 1982-88, head of the Literature Department at Kaunas State Drama Theatre in 1988-93, journalist at Kauno Laikas newspaper in 1993, journalist at Lietuvos Rytas newspaper in 1994-2008. From 2005 to the end of life V. Savičiūnaitė was a chief editor at Kaunas professional art and culture news website

V. Savičiūnaitė was also the jury head of the professional Kaunas theatrical award Fortūna (1999-2004), jury member of the annual competition Artist of a Year organised by Kaunas Artists House. She organised professional master classes for young art critics.

V. Savičiūnaitė had the internship twice at A. Strindberg Museum Science Research Centre in Stockholm (Sweden, 1922-1933) and published the article 'A. Strindberg in Lithuania' (1993) in the publication 'Strindbergiana'. She was the participant of the project 'Women of the World - Researchers of Strindberg' (1997-2000) run by Michigan University (USA) and Strindberg Society (Sweden), co-author of the book 'Ja, ma han Ieva' published in Stockholm.

The articles of the art critic were published in the Lithuanian and Russian press: Lietuvos Rytas, Kultūros Barai, Literatūra ir Menas, Krantai, Teatras, Lietuvos Teatras, Teatr, Teatralnaja žizn. She wrote and published monographs and booklets on theatre, translated texts for Lithuanian theatres.

Editions of V. Savičiūnaitė's creative work:

1986 – Adelė Ignatavičienė (booklet), Valerija Ratkevičienė (booklet), Algimantas Stankevičius (booklet).

1988 – Lithuanian National Artist Rūta Staliliūnaitė (anniversary monograph), Kaunas State Puppet Theatre (informative publication).

1989 – Elena Karoblytė-Čivienė (biographical review), Marija Polozovaitė-Dailidienė (biographical review).

1990 – Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre, 1920-1990 (advertising publication).

2000 – Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre, 1920-2000 (anniversary publication).

Lithuanian theatres considered V. Savičiūnaitė to be one of the best Lithuanian theatre critics (award in 1994). She was also awarded with the best architecture journalist prize (2000) at the competition Best Project of a Year organised by Lithuanian Architects Association; with the Glass Pen (2005) of Kaunas City Municipality for the creation of Kaunas artists website; with the Church Chronicle Fund award (2008) for the honest journalist activity and consistent nurturance of professional ethics.

She also won the competition of Culture Ministry of Lithuania twice and received the State Stipend (2002, 2007).

Vida Savičiūnaitė died on the 17th of November, 2011. She is buried near her beloved in Viešintai cemetery in Anykščiai district.

Invisible but the first (Daiva Šabasevičienė,, 19 11 2011)