Stanislovas Rubinovas was born in Vilnius on the 11th of February of 1930. In 1949 – 1951 he acted at the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre. In 1951 – 1953 he worked in the folk dance and song ensemble Lietuva. He graduated from the Lithuanian State Conservator in 1956 (lecturers Nina Karnavičienė and Zenonas Paulauskas).  

In 1956 – 1970 he was a soloist of Kaunas Musical Theatre. He has created about 50 roles in musicals, operas and musical comedies.

In 1970 – 1986 he prepared solo programmes in the Lithuanian Philharmonic, gave concerts in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Germany. In 1976 he established Kaunas Youth Musical Studio which has developed into the Youth Theatre Studio and Kaunas Chamber Theatre in 1986.

In 1987 S. Rubinovas organised an international theatre festival “Young Theatre – 87”. As a member of “Žinija” association, he read lectures on topics of culture and art. He has created plays “No. 246”, “Killer Kommando”, pageants of literature works. He has made a number of recordings in the Lithuanian radio and vinyl studio. He has directed performances, concert compositions. S. Rubinovas was a lecturer of vocal in the Musical Theatre Studio and Youth Theatre Studio.

Stanislovas Rubinovas is the artistic director of Kaunas Chamber Theatre. He is also a winner of various prizes and awards. In 2010 he was awarded with the Knight's Cross of the Order for Merits to Lithuania.


1950 Grigorio – K.Treniov “Liubovė Jarovaja” – Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre.

1951 Servant – A.Ostrovski “Wolves and Sheep” – Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre.

1952 Wagner – Ch.Gounod “Faustus” – Opera Studio of the Lithuanian State Conservatory.

1954 Maliuta Skuratov – N.Rimski-Korsakov “Tsar’s Fiancee” – Opera Studio of the Lithuanian State Conservatory.

Sobakin – N.Rimski-Korsakov “Tsar’s Fiancee” – Opera Studio of the Lithuanian State Conservatory.

1955 Mephistopheles – Ch.Gounod “Faustus” – Opera Studio of the Lithuanian State Conservatory.

1956 Miller – A.Dargomyzhski “Mermaid” – Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Gremin – P.Chaikovski “Eugenij Onegin” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1956 Sparafuchile – G.Verdi “Rigoletto” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Berestov – I.Kovneri “Akulina” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Blacksmith – I. Kovneri “Akulina” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1957 Polish Officer – V.Vishnevski “The First of Riders” – Kaunas Drama Theatre.

1957 Nurabad – G.Bizet “Pearl Searchers” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Foglio – F.Shubert “House of Three Maids” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1958 Godparent – M.Musorgski “Sorochinc Fair”– Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Kuprijanov – D.Kabalevski “Spring is Singing” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Kaikaris – V.Baumilas “Sunken Maiden“ – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1959 Olendorf – K.Millöcker “Student Beggar” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Frenchman – B.Gorbulski “Frank Kruk” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Aiskauda – I.Morozov “Doctor Aiskauda” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1960 Poterton – N.Dostali “Klivija” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Fiesko – G.Verdi “Simon Bokanegra” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1961 Gudal – A.Rubinstein “Demon” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Old Servant – A.Rubinstein “Demon” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Minister – B.Kirveri “Only a Dream” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1962 Kolen – G.Puccini “Bohema” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Bazilio – G.Rossini “Hairdresser of Seville” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Boatswain – K.Listov “Sevastopol Waltz” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1963 Kalch – J.Offenbach “Beautiful Elena” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Klabauterman – G.Mazanec “Who Needs Money” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Chaplain – A.Fredro “Ladies and Hussars” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Petr I – V.Shcherbachov “Tobacco Captain” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1964 Popoliani – J.Offenbach “Blue Beard Man” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Mephistopheles – Ch.Gounod “Faustus” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1965 Papakoda – J.Strauss “Night in Venice” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1966 Part – B.Kirveri “What Do You Wish?” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1967 Presenter – B.Gorbulski “Three Evenings” – Kaunas Musical Theatre.

An about 20 other minor roles at Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Concert Programmes

Lyrical songs of R.Žigaitis, B.Gorbulskis, E.Balsys, T.Makačinas, A.Ostrovskis, O.Felcmanas, E.Kolmanovskis, P.Aedonickis and others.

Vocal cycle of G.Kuprevičius for words of J.Macevičius “Daily Songs”

Vocal cycle of G.Kuprevičius for words of A.Mikutos “To Breathe”

Vocal cycle of G.Kuprevičius according to E.Mieželaitis “We are Argonauts”

Vocal cycle of M.Tariverdijev for words of G.Pozhenian

Vocal cycle of M.Tariverdijev for words of L.Ashkenaz

Vocal cycle of M.Tariverdijev for words of E.Hemingway – A.Voznesenski “Farewell to Arms”.

Songs of B.Okudzava.

4 recitals, which were presented in concerts in Lithuanian towns and townships as well as in Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Poltava, Yalta, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kishinev, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Alma – Ata, Aktyubinsk, Guryev, Chimkent, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Ufa, Izhevsk, Minsk, Vitebsk; Poland and Germany.

More than 100 radio recordings have been made. 4 vinyls have been issued.

Directed Performances

2010 E.Radzinski “Koba“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2009 M.Walczak “First Time”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2008 K.Kostenko “Hitler and Hitler”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2008 Aristophanes. “Lisistrate” (411 years B.C.). Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2007 Karol Freshet. “Jean and Beatrice”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2006 Monodrama according to W.Shakespeare. “Performance after Performance”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2006 G.Tabori. “Ten Days from Willy's Life. Peepshow”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre. 

2005 Pär Lagerkvist “Midget“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2004 Jerome K. Jerome “Three in a Boat (Despite the Dog)“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2004 Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė “Play for Three Women and Corpse of Ludwig“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2003 Daiva Čepauskaitė “Shot in a Warf“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2002 Leonid Zhuchovicki “The Last Woman of Lord Chuan“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2002 Giedrius Kuprevičius “Queen Bona“. Kaunas Musical Theatre.

2001 Jean Anouilh “Orchestra“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2001 Tadeusz Różewicz “Virgin Marriage“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2000 Pär Lagerkvist “Dwarf“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

2000 Francois Rablelais “Gargantua and Pantagruel“. Theatre “Baltyjskij dom“ (Saint Petersburg).

1999 August Strindberg, Anthony Swerling “Hot Chocolate”. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1998 Aleksandr Pushkin “Queen of Spades“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1998 Claude Magnier “Blez“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1997 Janusz Glowacki “Antigone in New York“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1996 George Tabori „Peepshow“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1994 “Erotidijos“ (Ovidius “Art of Loving“, “A Thousand and One Night“, “Song of Songs“). Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1994 Eugene Ionesco “Lesson“ (new staging). Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1993 François Rabelais “Gargantua and Pantagruel“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1993 Leonid Andrejev “Judas Isckariot“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1991 Eugene Ionesco “King is Dying“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1990 Ireneusz Iredyński “Show“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1989 Gediminas Jankus “Stolypin's Wagon“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1988 Stanislovas Rubinovas “Killer Kommando“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1987 Eugene Ionesco “Lesson“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1986 Aleksandr Volodin “Dulsinea from Toboso“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1986 Ernest Hemingway “Farewell to Arms“. Kaunas Chamber Theatre.

1985 Stanislovas Rubinovas “No.246“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1984 Vasilij Belov “Weekend“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1982 Justinas Marcinkevičius “Vade Mecum“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1982 “Things, Things, Things...“ Youth Theatre – Studio.

1982 Vladimir Majakovski “Bug”. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1981 Ernest Hemingway “Farewell to Arms“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1980 Aleksandr Blok “Stranger“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1980 Ernest Hemingway “Farewell to Arms“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1978 Nikolaj Rimski-Korsakov “Mozart and Saljeri“. Youth Theatre – Studio.

1977 Giedrius Kuprevičius “Work and Bread“ (according to Just.Marcinkevičius). Youth Theatre – Studio.

1977 Giedrius Kuprevičius “There, Inside“ (according to M.Meterlink). Youth Theatre – Studio.

1965 “Smiles of Youth“. Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1964 “Loves me – Loves me Not“. Kaunas Musical Theatre.

1961 Radio performance: “Love and Tin” by Benjamin Gorbulski and Vytautas Bložė.