The Lithuanian Art Photographers’ Association informed that its long-year member Romas Juškelis died on July 9, 2016, at the age of 69.

R. Juškelis was born in Kaunas on July 23, 1946. He became a member of the Lithuanian Art Photographers’ Association in 1979 and the creator’s status was granted to him in 2005. He completed Vilnius Technology Technical School, specialty of photography, in 1974. In 1972–74 he worked as the responsible secretary of the Republic Cinema Lovers’ Association, in 1974–78 he was the photographer of the Water Management Design Institute and in 1978–83 – the photographer of the Scientific Research Centre Vibrotechnika in Kaunas. From 1985 he worked in Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Art Photographers’ Association, from 1994 he was the head of the Educational Division of Kaunas Pupils’ School of Photography of the Lithuanian Art Photographers’ Association.

The art photographer organised 20 solo shows in Lithuania and Russia, received 20 awards, among them – he was recognised the art photographer (AFIAP, 1994) of the International Art Photography Federation (FIAP), received the award of Kaunas Art Creators’ Association (2009). Photographs of R. Juškelis are stored in collections of the Lithuanian Museum of Art and in foreign museums.

The most important cycles of photography: “Reflections” (1980–1985); “People and Manequins” (1987–1992); “Reservists” (1983–1985); “Disco” (1986–1989); “Forlorn Fortress” (1993); “Feast of Krishna Worshipers” (1997); “Kaunas Forts” (2000); “House of Hope” (2001).