Mykolas Šalkauskas was born in Kaunas on October 27, 1935. In 1955, he graduated from Kaunas Art School. He has always been a free artist. Šalkauskas participated in exhibitions since 1960. From 1989 he became a member of the group “Angis”. He was the eldest but respected the most not for his age.

Being an honest painter of “subconscious flow”, M. Šalkauskas was always in peace with his internal voice, which told him rather frequently to go to the Nemunas island and burn his paintings. This process strengthened him for new works.


1996 – Group “Angis'96”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1997 – Lithuanian painting’97: galleries present. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

1998 – Personal exhibition. Kauno Langas Gallery.

1999 – “Painting, Sculpture, Graphics”, exhibition of painters of the Lithuanian Painters’ Union, Kaunas Branch. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1999 – The best artwork of the year 1998. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1999 – Angis 1989-1999. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1999 – Lithuanian painting 1989-1999: ten years. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2000 – Rhesus +/-. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2000 – Vilnius painting triennial. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2000 – Exhibition of Lithuanian painters in Dortmund, Germany.

2000 – Angis 2000. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2001 – One-painting exhibition. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2002 and later – participation in exhibitions of “Angis“ group.

The works of M.Šalkauskas were never lost in the plane of faceless, spineless and nameless postmodernism because his wish to reveal the sign of idea was always very clearly conceptual.

According to the art critic R.Andriušytė, the artist “communicated” and discussed with various personages of the painting history while painting, he interpreted the variety of expression means, images and symbols known in art.