L.M. Janulienė was born in Kaunas on September 25, 1942. She died on April 7, 2005 and is buried in Romainiai graveyard. She is a textile artist and a member of the Lithuanian Painters’ Union from 1971.

In 1961, she entered the State Art Institute of Lithuania, Kaunas evening department of applied arts. She graduated from the institute in 1967 and obtained the specialty of a textile artist. She deepened her knowledge in the Light Industry University of Technical Creation between 1970-1972.

L.M. Janulienė has been participating in exhibitions since 1967. She worked in the field of original textile – created projects for light textile industry (colouring of silk fabrics). The artist has organised dozens of personal exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions in the field of textiles. She created a number of works for decorating interiors and exteriors.

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