According to the article “Actor’s Profession - Like Cranberries with Sugar". Audronė Jablonskienė, Respublika, 2004 10 12

Julija Kavaliauskaitė appeared at Kaunas Drama Theatre soon after her actor’s studies. The serious illness made her limit the roles to the minimum and search for other methods of creative expression during the last years.

Her colleague students were Vladas Bagdonas, Vaiva Mainelytė, Bronius Bušma, Rimantas Štaras.

The actress made her debut in the film of Algirdas Araminas "When I was Small”. Later the actress was invited to the second film of Vabalas "June, Beginning of Summer".

The first season of Julija Kavaliauskaitė at Kaunas Drama Theatre coincided with the 50th anniversary of the theatre. One of the first performances was “Saint Lake” – it travelled around Lithuania for almost 30 years. The actress worked with such artistic directors as Čibiras, Padegimas, Vaitkus, etc. When the actress had fewer roles at the theatre, she also organised poetry readings.