Edmundas Frejus, the master of smithery and sculptor known in Lithuania and the world, was born in Tauragė on June 28, 1949. In 1976 he graduated from Telšiai Applied Art Technological School and obtained the specialty of artistic metal processing. He participated in exhibitions since 1986. The artist created decorative sculptures, small plastics, medals. He has received a number of awards for sculpture art. He belonged to the cultural organisation, the club “Santara-Šviesa”. The artist lived and worked in Kaunas.

The attitude of Edmundas Frejus to creation is revealed by his favourite words of Socrates: “Art is the ability to create a thing well”. Mastery is the main principle of work in his artworks. “An artist is an illustrator. He illustrates history, nature or himself. I illustrate ideology”, says the artist who intertwines different motives of mythologies and religions in his metal sculptures.

Major one-man exhibitions

“Birds that May not Fly”, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Vilnius Medal Gallery (1994).

“Flying Creatures”, gallery Kauno Langas (1996).

“Apocalypse according to John” (along with Vytautas Eigirdas), gallery Kauno Langas (1998).

“Iron Pictures”, gallery Kauno Langas.

“Unimaginable Garden”, gallery “Aquedouc des arts”, Paris, France.

"Canis a non canendo", gallery Kauno Langas (2008).

"Global Warming", Šv. Jono Street gallery, Vilnius (2008).

"Ad volandum natus", Vytautas Magnus University art gallery 101, Kaunas (2009).