Lithuanian Theatre Union presents one more character from the project 10+1 topics on theatre... He is a long-term actor of Šiauliai Drama Theatre; author of dozen solo photography exhibitions or simply a sincere artist who loves his family, work and home - Juozas Bindokas.

Actor Juozas Bindokas rarely talks about theatre at home. Home and theatre are two separate worlds that, seemingly, have always wafted downstream without interfering or competing with each other. "I go to theatre as if it was my home and I very willingly return back home from the theatre, because there are people waiting for me there," opens up one of the most prominent actors of Šiauliai Drama Theatre.

Juozas Bindokas has spent more than 40 years on the professional theatre stage. This experience allows him to speak freely about everything - actor's maturity, work with the director, criticism. Actor is happy to work with young directors; he is fascinated with the younger generation's approach to the art of theatre, the changed acting principles. "New generations brings new thinking, new epoch. We should listen to them and if we are capable - follow them," says the artist boldly.

Šiauliai-based actor has never lacked roles and he still participates in almost every theatre premiere. However, there is no book of recipes that would prompt creative laws. Juozas Bindokas admits, "I still don't know how to create roles, where to begin."

Information provided by Lithuanian Theatre Union.