2016-08-08 10+1 topics on theatre with Juozas Rygertas

Lithuanian Theatre Union presents the hero of the project 10+1 topics on theatre with... - actor Juozas Rygertas.

Heart is overwhelmed with ambivalent feelings when talking to a talented person of an older age. You are glad to have captured a precious moment and you long for the long forgotten days together with him.

Actor Juozas Rygertas was born in January the 2nd, 1936 in Ukmergė. Later on, he will accidentally start learning the actor's profession, will spend his whole life working in the Academic Drama Theatre (as it was called back then), will develop over sixty roles, will act in films and the famous directors will call him the hero of the 20th century theatre - rebellious, but harmonious in structure.

Today we are in the 21st century. And such actors have almost disappeared. The schools, theatre culture differ - sometimes it is the time that separates. And none of these are better, however... You feel like honoring the older generation for their courage, respect for their profession and showing the way towards what we call freedom today.

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