2016-02-23 10+1 topics on theatre with Vytautas Tomkus

Lithuanian Theatre Union continues the project 10+1 topics on theatre with..., during which the country's most famous actors are interviewed about their profession, creative experiences and the characteristics of working on the stage.

This time we talked to actor Vytautas Tomkus. Does he need to be introduced today? Probably, only to the first year student, who associates actors name to the character of Tadas Blinda. And that is only a small flash from his life, during which he has created well over a hundred roles in theater and film.

As usual, Vytautas Tomkus tells it straight and sharp, only at the time his thoughts were drowning in sighs. His last personal belongings, which he promised to take from the make-up room after the interview, symbolized the final farewell to what is most precious to him. "Everything has a beginning and an end. It is painful, but it is logical," says the actor of exceptional talent and looking at him you understand that there are no words to calm down the memories of his wild and dashing creative live.

This project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Information provided by Lithuanian Theatre Union