2015-11-23 Lost and Found Kaunas

Lost and Found Kaunas is a cultural process, which started from the desire to experience the city of Kaunas beyond the tourist routes, through the stories, sentiments and architectural fragments. It is a proposition to get lost and discover the secrets of the city without getting lost.

Project Lost and Found Kaunas is a cultural study that offers the opportunity to create a dialogue with the city, which we do not notice anymore. To remember or to see for he first time. To look around and up. To ask and to listen.

Project organizers and participants, with the help of different creative forms will offer to recognize various dimensions of the Kaunas map. It will speak about places and people. It will not hide architecture. It will share images, sounds and stories. The start of the project is marked by the premiere of a short film about Kaunas.

"With this short film we present Kaunas and our attitude towards it. Aesthetic, quiet, melancholic. In the shots you can see wooden houses of Žaliakalnis, Panemunė and Aleksotas. Memorial houses of the writer and playwright Juozas Grušas are still full of life. Interwar Art Deco, a couple of examples of the later modernism. Oak trees, rivers and details," said the project initiators Lukas Mykolaitis and Mikas Zabulionis.