2014-04-29 Alchemy XXXVI. Freedom of movement

The broadcast is about the Latvian Modris Tenisons who founded a professional pantomime theatre in Kaunas at the age of 23 only in 1967 – it was the first and only theatre of the kind in the former Soviet Union.
 Then everything ended suddenly on one spring day of 1972 when the body of Romas Kalanta took fire while the performance of the troupe was shown at Kaunas Musical Theatre. Modris Tenisons was among the first people who ran up to the burning man. Still, we will not tell about it. We will speak about the artist for whom 5 years and 5 performances were enough to become the man without whom the Lithuanian theatre history could not do. The man who inspired a crowd of talented artists – from Vitas Luckus to Jonas Jurašas. Modris Tenisons is called one of the greatest legends of our theatre; still, do we know anything about him in fact?