2013-08-05 Alchemy: walk with writer Gintaras Grajauskas

There is some wind from the sea in the walk with Gintaras Grajauskas. Winter in Klaipėda smells of cold sounds of blues; don’t get surprised that your brain will chill by the end of the broadcast too.

Don’t think it is bad to become cold a little bit! Such a change in temperature is like a stroll along unknown streets – you see and realise better what the world is and evaluate where you live.

“I love objectivity and lack of permission to myself… I love to disassociate from a big emotion and to hide it behind some objects. Such deliberate objectivity when you control yourself all the time... All this is distance which grants beauty to this world,” these words of Rytis’ interlocutor remind that creation is not flying in the clouds.

The sound of the construction drill that accompanies these words reminds that it is not easy to “search for poetry in places where it seems not to exist but there is much of it in fact”. Where is poetry in the construction site? Everything depends on the ability to see.

Nothing more to tell, you should watch yourself.