Between emotions and rationality 1590

Justina Paltanavičiūtė
Conversation with the composer, chairwoman of the Lithuanian Composers’ Association Zita Bružaitė, 2016-12-12
Composer Zita Bružaitė. Photo by Liutauras Paškevičius

In brief: “I deviate from the ideal of correctness in my creative work consciously. I am like this in life too, perhaps it comes from me naturally,” says Kaunas composer Zita Bružaitė. It is hard to squeeze the composer into any frames in life and in her creative work – she loves spontaneity and unexpected combinations of various things. She says she enjoys being lazy or photographing clouds in her free time. It is hard to speak about her very seriously and musicologically as she hates scientific tractates and creates as she desires. One aspect stands out among all her postmodernist thoughts: she cannot live without creative work. Therefore, if one had to describe the artist in one word, that word would surely be “composer”.

The interview with Z. Bružaitė, who marked a solid jubilee this year, is about her music: sources of inspiration, creative techniques and tendencies, the evolution of her music, and many other things.

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