So much vanity – everything is vanity 3

Kristina Steiblytė, 2014-10-27
Scena iš Artūro Areimos spektaklio „Ričardas II: post factum“. Manto Puidos nuotr.

In Brief: After such performance it becomes really clear that it does not matter which boy puts on a cap that symbolizes the crown, which one of them will take the golden microphone that depicts a scepter – nothing is going to change. We will still see how a self-absorbed king is wanking while admiring his reflection. It seems, that this is what the play intended to convey.

Power and power relations (in politics, popular culture and even theater) is the main theme of the latest play by Artūras Areima „Ričardas II: post factum.“ The director again pretends to be a hooligan and turns a classical text into a boyish playground where boys fight over the leadership position. Similarly to two other plays directed by the same director „Plėšikai“ and„Julijus Cezaris“, in his latest work the only thing that was changed was the leader  - the game, the rules and the space stays the same. Although, the space where „Ričardas II: post factum“ is performed is completely different. Up to now the director worked on the stage (even if he would set the audience alongside the actors) but this time he moves the performance to the lobby, on the stairs. In Kaunas close to the great hall of VDU, in Vilnius – ŠMC. A wish to show this drama over power on the stairs of the parliament may not come to fruition. But the ambition is intriguing – such circumstances could significantly change and intensify even the most innocent conversation about power. But first of all, there needs to be a conversation, a conflict because otherwise there will not be anything to intensify. 

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