Sabina Martinaitytė (soprano) is a laureate of three international singers contests: Young Singers Contest in Kyshiniov, M.Glinka Singers Contest, and G.Otso Opera Singers Contest.

S.Martinaitytė was born at 1958 08 29 in Kaunas and was a pupil at 21st Secondary School (Nemunas). In 1976 she entered J.Bukauskaitė solo singing class at J.Gruodis Higher School of Music. In 1981-1987 she continued vocal studies at the Lithuanian State Conservatory (now Music Academy) in the class of Professor J.Mikštaitė.

In 1987 she started working at Kaunas State Theater.

In 2000 S.Martinaitytė work was acknowledged by Kaunas Theater Artists Award “Fortune” for Magdalene part in U.Giordano’s opera “Andrea Cheniér” and Violeta part in G.Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”. In 2002 S.Martinaitytė received the same prize as well as the Lithuanian Soloist of the Year title and Lithuanian Ministry of Culture prize for Bona part in G.Kuprevičius opera “La Bona Regina”.

S.Martinaitytė is invited to participate in various shows staged by Lithuanian and foreign theaters, as well as in festivals and concerts (in Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Germany, and the USA).

The singer had prepared more than thirty solo programs, including monograph concerts of G.Verdi, G.Puccini, F.Schubert and “Ave Maria” program containing pieces by some 20 composers. S.Martinaitytė has participated in more than 200 concerts in Lithuania and abroad, and has been participating in the Pažaislis Summer Music Festivals. Her records are aired by Lithuanian radio programs.

S.Martinaitytė is a lecturer at the Lithuanian Music Academy Kaunas Faculty Department of Singing. She has created central parts in operas, operettas, and musicals.

Roles at Kaunas Musical Theatre

Violeta. Opera by G.Verdi “La Traviata”, 1989 introduction and 1999,

Fiordilidge. Opera by W.A.Mozart “All of Them are the Same”, 1990,

Gilda. Opera by G.Verdi “Rigoletto”, 1991,

Cho Cho San. Opera by G.Puccini “Madam Butterfly”, 1992 (introduction),

Margarita. Opera by Ch. Gounod “Faustus”, 1994,

Leonora. Opera by L.Beethoven “Fidelio”, 1993,

Ana. Opera by W.A.Mozart “Don Juan”, 1988 introduction,

Neda. Opera by R.Leoncavall “Merry-Andrews”, 1988,

Marta. Opera by F.Flotow “Marta” 1989 introduction and 1997,

Jūratė. Opera by K.V.Banaitis “Jūratė and Kastytis”, 1996,

Fate. Musical by J.Kander “Zorba”, 1999,

Madeline. U. Giordan “Andre Chenier”, 1999,

Bona. G.Kuprevičius “Queen Bona”, 2002,

Abbess. Musical by R.Rodgers “Music Sounds”, (2002, introduction)

Magician. Opera by T.Kutavičius and V.Palčinskaitė "Dwarf Nose", 2005,

Snail. Small opera-ballet by Z.Bružaitė "Spider's Wedding", 2007. 

Roles at other theatres

Tatjana. Opera by P.Chaikovski “Eugenij Onegin”, National Opera and Ballet Theatre (1987), Klaipėda Musical Theatre (1992),

Fani. Opera by G.Rossini “Bill of Wedding”, National Opera and Ballet Theatre (1987),

Eglė. Opera by V.Klova “Pilėnai”, National Opera and Ballet Theatre (1992).

Servant Serpina. Comic opera by G.B. Pergolesi "Servant Mistress" (2007).