Nomeda Vilkanauskaitė-Kukulskienė (soprano) was born in Panevėžys. She studied at Panevėžys Secondary and Music Schools. In 1986 she graduated from Panevėžys J.Švedas Higher Music School, specialty of choir conduction. In 1986 she entered the Lithuanian State Conservatory (present Academy of Music and Theatre), the class of solo singing of Prof. V. Mikštaitė. In 1993 she continued studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music, Kaunas Faculty, Department of Singing, the class of S. Martinaitytė. In 1994 she graduated from the singing course and in 1995 obtained the Master’s diploma in solo singing at Kaunas Faculty of the Academy of Music (lecturer S. Martinaitytė). From 1994 she is a soloist of Kaunas State Musical Theatre. From 1996 Nomeda Vilkanauskaitė-Kukulskienė is working at the Singing Department of Kaunas Faculty of the Music Academy and lectures chamber and solo singing.

Creative activity:

N.Vilkanauskaitė started her concert activities from 1993 studying at the Lithuanian Academy of Music. She participated in students’ concerts of Sabina Martinaitytė class organised at the Academy. In 1994 she gave a concert along with Kaunas boys and youths choir “Varpelis” in Denmark, were she performed the Mass G-major by F.Schubert and Mass c-minor by V.Miškinis. She performed the cantata by T. Diubua “Seven Words of Christ” with Los Angeles choir (USA), conductor V. Ralys, in the same year.

The singer has been singing with Lithuanian National and State Symphony Orchestras, Latvia National Symphony Orchestra (performed F. Mendelson-Bartholdy 2nd and L. van Beethoven 9th symphonies at Riga Philharmonic with Latvian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra), Kaunas State Musical Theatre Kaunas State Choir and Chamber Orchestra. She has also prepared sacral music concerts and chamber music programs with Kaunas String Quartet. N.Vilkanauskaitė participated in the Young Performers Music Festival “Atžalynas”, International Pažaislis Summer Music Festival, E.Grieg-M.K.Čiurlionis Music Festival, and Tom Man Festival. She participated in the concert “Great Music Parade-2000” along with the National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Modestas Pitrėnas.

In 2000 the soloist and her colleagues formed a soprano trio “The Panther Trio”. The singer has toured in the USA, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, and Austria with programs of various music genres.

Created roles

Carlina. W. A. Mozart opera "Don Juan", (introduction),
Adina. G. Donizetti opera "Love Elixir", 1993,
Franci. J. Strauss operetta "Blood of Vienna" (introduction),
Meibl Gibson. E. Kalman operetta "Circus Princess", 1995,
Ana Eliza. F. Lehar operetta "Paganini", 1996,
Mimi. G. Puccini opera "Bohemia", 1996, Riga Opera and Ballet Theatre,
Victoria. P. Abraham operetta "Victoria", 1997,
Madalena. U. Giordano opera "Andre Cheniér", 1999,
Flora. G. Verdi opera "Traviata", 1999,
Mrs. Einsford-Hil. F.Loewe musical "My Fair Lady", 1999
Liza. F. Lehar operetta "Land of Smiles", 2000,
Silva. E. Kalman operetta "Silva", (introduction),
Charlote. K. Millöcker operetta "Gasparone", 2001,
Anina. J. Strauss operetta "Night in Venice", 2001,
Angela. F. Lehar operetta “Count Luxemburg“, 2002,
Lyrical Carmen. T.Kutavičius musical “Song about Carmen"
Stefan. Ch. Gounod opera „Romeo and Juliet“, 2003,
Investigator. G. Kuprevičius Kaunas operetta “Kipras, Fiodoras and Others”, 2003,
Laura. K. Millöcker operetta “Student Beggar”, 2006,
Count’s Daughter Mariza. E.Kalman operetta "Count’s Daughter Mariza", 2006.
Hana Glavari in operetta by F.Lehar “The Merry Widow”, 2008.

Soprano parts:

L.Beethoven. Symphony No. 9,
F.Mendelssohn. Symphony No. 2.,
G.Rossini, G.B.Pergolesi, A.Dvořak "Stabat Mater",
A.Bruckner. "Te Deum",
G.Verdi. "Requiem",
T.F.C.Dubois. "Seven Words of Christ",
H.Berlioz. "Childhood of Christ",
F.Schubert. Messa G-major,
A.Vivaldi. "Gloria".


1993 – winner of the 1st prize in the Lithuanian contest of vocal music in Kaunas.
1995 – winner of the 1st prize in the international contest of J. Vitoli vocalists. Riga. Special prize for Leonora aria performance (G. Verdi opera “Power of Fate”).
1996 – diploma of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania for the winner of international Lithuanian music contests.
1997 – state stipend for young artists.
2000 – “Fortune” statue of the Lithuanian Theatre Union, Kaunas branch and diploma for Madeline’s part in U.Giordano opera “Andrea Cheniér”.
2000 – gratitude of the Parliament Chairman Vytautas Landsbergis for artistic contribution commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Constitutive Parliament.
2000 – letter of gratitude of the Director of the Lithuanian AIDS Centre.
2001 – letter of gratitude of Kaunas City Mayor Gediminas Budnikas.
2003 – “Fortune” diploma of the Lithuanian Theatre Union, Kaunas branch for the role of Angela Didier in the operetta “Count Luxemburg”.
2004 – letter of gratitude of Kaunas City Mayor Arvydas Garbaravičius for remarkable signs of culture to the city in 2003.
2004 – award of Kaunas Musical Theatre – statue of Orpheus.
2006 – letter of gratitude of the Minister of Culture Vladimiras Prudnikovas for creative activity in theatre.