Markas Zingeris was born in Prienai on January 2, 1947. In 1971 he finished journalism studies at Vilnius University. Between 1971-1977 he taught Philosophy at Kaunas higher educational institutions. Zingeris worked at a museum of the Lithuanian University of Agriculture, as a reviewer in the daily Laikinoji Sostinė, published his creative works in the Lithuanian media and tried his forces in dramaturgy.

Zingeris is participating at international events of writers. He has been a member of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1990. He is also a member of PEN Lithuanian Centre. Presently he is working as a lecturer at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University. He is actively participating in the research of issues of Jews' genocide. Zingeris has translated books from Russian and English. His creative works have been translated to the German, French, English, Danish, Russian, Yiddish, Finish, Polish and Hungarian languages. He presently lives in Kaunas at times and at times – in Vilnius.


Namas iš kedro (House of Cedar): poems. Vilnius, Vaga, 1984.

Vakaras vaikystėje (Evening in Childhood): poems. Vilnius, Vaga, 1989.

Šitiek saulėlydžių (So Many Sunsets): essay and poems. Vilnius, Vaga, 1993.

Aplink fontaną, arba Mažasis Paryžius (Around the Fountain or Small Paris): novel. Vilnius, Tyto Alba, 1998.

Iliuzionas (Illusion): short stories. Vilnius, Andrena, 2000.

Grojimas dviese (Playing Double): novel. Vilnius, Baltos Lankos, 2002.

Sezonas su šokėja (Season with a Dancer): novel. Vilnius, Baltos Lankos, 2005.

Rudens ir pavasario pasikalbėjimas (Conversation between Autumn and Spring): novel. 2009

Translations from English

Avishai Margalit. Myth of Jerusalem. - Vilnius: Alma Littera, 1993.
Isaac Bashevis Singer. Café in Broadway: short stories. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1997.

Compiler of the book Yosif Brodsky. View to the Sea: poems/ translated from Russian by Gintaras Patackas, Tomas Venclova, Markas Zingeris. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1999.


1990 – Title for the debut of the book “Evening in Childhood”.

2000 – Winner of One Litas prize for the impressive twinkling of reality in the book "Illusion".

2001 – The book “Illusion” was recognised the best book of the year.

2003 – Sign of memory on the occasion of invitation to NATO.