Gediminas Maciulevičius (baritone) was born in Prienai on June 7, 1956, where he completed secondary school. In 1975-1982 he has studying solo singing at V.Česas class of the Lithuanian State Conservatory (now Academy of Music and Theatre). Upon completion of his studies, he started working at the Kaunas State Musical Theatre.

G.Maciulevičius has created more than 50 parts in shows of various genres of musical scene. In 1991 G.Maciulevičius received the First Prize of the Ministry of Culture for the Male Part of the Year – Mustapha Bay in the P.Abraham’s operetta “Ball im Savoy”.

In 1999 the artist received Lithuanian Theatre Art Prize “Christopher” and Kaunas Theatre Artists’ Award “Fortune” for the part of Professor Higgins in the musical by F.Loewe. For two decades G.Maciulevičius has been the first baritone of the Theatre. G.Maciulevičius has prepared concert programs with other Theatre soloists and has given concerts in Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and the USA.

In 2001- 2008 G. Maciulevičius was the Chairman of the Lithuanian Theatre Union, Kaunas Branch. 

In 1995 the artist and his colleagues founded a show company “Baritone Trio”, issued several audio cassettes and compact disks by which the light genres of the scene music – operetta and musical – are promoted.

In 2002 the artist and his colleagues organized the first international festival “Operetta in Kaunas Castle”.

In 2005 G.Maciulevičius was awarded “Fortune” award established by Kaunas theatrical people for the part in the musical “Cabaret” of Herr Schultz in J.Cander, F.Ebb and J.Masteroff.

In 2006 the soloist was granted Santaka sign of honour of the 3rd degree. 


One-eyed. Opera by S.Kortes “Mother Kuraz”, 1982,

Ovington. Musical by F.Lesser “How to Make a Career”, Policeman from 1983,

Germon. Opera by G.Verdi “Traviata”, 1983,

Man. Opera by B.Kutavičius “Bone Man on Iron Mountain”, 1983,

Youth. Rock opera by R.Kangro “Northern Girl”, 1983,

Cicak. Musical comedy by I.Bazilik “Purse Full of Money”, 1984,

Tasil. Operetta by E.Kalman “Count’s Daughter Mariza”, 1984,

Andrej. Music comedy by O.Felcman “Old House”, 1985,

Prime Minister. Opera by J.Strauss “Blood of Vienna”, 1985,

Higgins, George. Musical by F.Loewe “My Fair Lady”, 1985,

Rene. Operetta by F.Lehar “Count Luxemburg”, 1985,

Arūnas. Musical by G.Kuprevičius “Greetings to You”, 1986,

Tony. Opera for children by G.C.Menotti “Save us, Globuls!”, 1986,

Petrucio. Opera by V.Shebalin “Containment of a Bullet-head”, 1987,

Harold, George. Musical tragic-comedy by G.Cabadze “My Crazy Brother”, 1987,

Count Danila. Operetta by F.Lehar “Merry Widow”, 1988,

Silvio. Opera by R.Leoncavallo “Merry-Andrews”, 1988,

Agamemnon the Smith. Operetta by J.Offenbach “The Beautiful Helen”, 1989,

Guljelm. Opera by W.A.Mozart “Ladies are all the Same”, 1990,

Mustapha Bay, Aristid. Operetta by P.Abraham “Ball in Savoy”, 1990,

Rigoletto. Opera by G.Verdi “Rigoletto”, 1991,

Edvin, Bony, Wilhelm. Operetta by E.Kalman “Silva”, 1992,

Picaro. Opera by L.Beethoven “Fidelio”, 1993,

Eizenstein. Operetta by J.Strauss “The Bat”, 1993,

Rene. Operetta by F.Lehar “Count Luxemburg”, (1992, Klaipėda Musical Theatre),

Valentino. Opera by Ch.Gounod “Margaret”, 1994,

Director. Musical by G.Kuprevičius “Greetings to You”, from 1994,

Mister X. Operetta by E.Kalman “Princess of Circus”, 1995,

Pimpinel, Felice. Operetta by F.Lehar “Paganini”, 1996,

Father. Opera by K.V.Banaitis “Jūratė and Kastytis”, 1996,

John Kanlait. Operetta by P.Abraham “Victoria”, 1996,

Jupiter. Operetta by J.Offenbach “Orpheus in Hell”, 1997,

Captain von Trap. Musical by R.Rodgers “Music Sounds”, 1998,

Professor Higgins. Musical by F.Loewe “My Fair Lady”, 1998,

Zorba. Musical by J.Kander, J.Stein, F.Ebb “Zorba”, 1999,

Rushe. Opera by U.Giordan “Andre Shenje”, 1999,

Germont. Opera by G.Verdi “Traviata”, 1999,

Gustav. Operetta by F.Lehar “Land of Smiles”, 2000,

Nasone. Operetta by K.Millöcker “Gasparone”, 2001,

Boletus. Mini opera- parody of Z.Bružaitė “War and Peace of Mushrooms”, 2001,

Papacoda. Operetta by J.Strauss “Night in Venice”, 2001,

Valerhaim. Operetta by E.Kalman “Silva”, (introduced 2002),

Bazil Puaro. Operetta by F.Lehar “Count Luxemburg”, 2002,

Maironis. Kaunas operetta by G.Kuprevičius “Kipras, Fiodoras and Others“, 2003,

Philip. Operetta by E.Kalman “Bajadere”, 2004,

Her Schulz. Musical by J.Kander, F.Ebb, J.Masteroff “Cabaret”, 2005,

Dankair. Opera by G.Bizet "Carmen", 2005,

Duke Dragomir Populescu. E. Kálmán “Count’s Daughter Mariza”, 2006,

Olendorph. K.Millöker operetta ”Student Beggar”, 2006,

Bartol. Doctor. G. Rossini opera “Barber of Seville”, 2007,

Gangster. K. Porter musical “Kiss Me, Kate”, 2007.

Baron Mirko Zeta. Operetta by F. Lehar “The Merry Widow”, 2008.

Pipo de Frascatti. Operetta by I. Kálmán “Violet of Montmartre”, 2008.