Auksė Petrulienė was born in Užventis, Kelmė district on November 17, 1973. In 1991-95 she studied at Kaunas Art College (specialty of artistic leather), in 1995-2001 – at Kaunas Art Institute of VAA, Department of Graphics (Master’s Degree). She worked as an illustrator of the publishing company Vingis in 1997-2001 and since 2001 she has been working in the Educational Department of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum. In 2005 she established the Psilicone Theatre (direction of video performances and their implementation). The artist works in the fields of graphics, contemporary art, art education.

Major exhibitions and art projects

1994 – “Fly 94”, exhibition of authors’ books, M.Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2000 – The first international contest of drawing, Wroclaw, Poland

2000 – The 7th triennial of book art, gallery Arka, Vilnius

2001 – “Bathing”, one-day installation of paintings on the Southern Coast, London, England

2002 – “Eat Your Heart Out Szczecin”, exhibition of alternative Baltic art, Prague

2002 – “Engraving in Jazz Style”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2002 – Takako Saito “You + Me Shop” with Lithuanian artists, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2003 – “St. Mary Magdalene”, open-air installation of drawings, Bleddfa Art Centre, Wales, England

2003 – “Network Baltic”, internet project (

2004 – “”, Klaipėda art gallery, Vilnius city municipality

2004 –“p.s.esp”, exhibition of plain-air in Deer Valley, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2004 – “Welnuwos”, cycle of dark arts, multi-media project “Rolling Paintings” (along with the band Siela), National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas

2004 – Annual exhibition of garden sculptures, installation “Rolling Paintings”, Hergest Croftt, Wales, England

2004 – Festival of multi-media art and music “Centre 4”, educational workshop “Black-and-white ways to conquer fear”, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Monkutė Marks Museum, Kėdainiai

2004 – “Art + Art of Communication. Textile”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2005 – “Pizza Jazz” sculpture project “Merry-go-round”, Laisvės Alley, Kaunas

2005 – “Art + Art of Communication. Sculpture”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2005 – 8th biennial of graphics of the Baltic States, project “You Won’t Beat Me!”, Kaliningrad state art gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

2005 – Project of graphics of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia “Tomorrow is Now”, Klaipėda concert hall

2005 – Festival of non-verbal theatre, Kaunas State Drama Theatre

2006 – International exhibition “Social Graphics”, M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2006 – 6th international triennial of ecological art “4 block”, video project “Let Your Radiance Shine Through!”, Kharkov, the Ukraine

2006 – Biennial of graphics of the Baltic States “Now Art Now Future”, Kaunas

2006 – International plain-air “Tributo a Ferruccio Marchetti”, Mondaino, Italy

2006 – International festival “Forgotten Places”, Klaipėda

2006 – International art forum “Homo Ludens 8”, Jonava

2006 – For the 75th anniversary of Jurgis Mačiūnas – audiovisual adventure in the swimming-pool “Žiobtai”, Kaunas

2006 – Festival of multi-media art and music “Centre 6”, Kaunas State Drama Theatre

2007 – “Kaunas Eden: How It Really Was”, installation of drawings and light in greenhouses of Vytautas Magnus University Botanic Garden, Kaunas

2007 – International festival of media art “Enter”, “Cheated and Robbed” – video performance with the band Kontaktai, Šiauliai

2007 – International contemporary art festival “Virus”, educational laboratory with the composer Titas Petrikis “Twelve Ways to Conquer the Fear”, Šiauliai

2007 – “Bison on a Stool”, audiovisual story, art factory Potiomkonas, Kaunas

2007 – “Bison on a Stool”, audiovisual story, programme of young stage artists “Open Space”, Arts Printing House, Vilnius

2008 – “Here Comes Vilnius!”, video performance, Vilnius – presentation of the programme of the European Capital of Culture 2009, musical theatre – club New York, Vilnius

2008 – “Here Comes Vilnius!”, tourism fair “Viva Turas”, Vilnius city stand

2008 – “Laboratory of Fear”, audiovisual workshop for children, youth and families, tourism fair “Viva Turas”, Kaunas city stand

2008 – “In Puris Naturalibus”, audiovisual stories for the project of Vytautas Magnus University gallery opening “Fabulae Moventes”, VMU Art Gallery 101, Kaunas

2008 – International media art festival “Enter”, “Bison on a Stool”, Šiauliai art gallery

2008 – International theatre festival of Druskininkai, “Cheated and Robbed”, Audiovisual adventure in the swimming-pool “Žiobtai”, Druskininkai water park

2008 – International contemporary art festival “Plartforma”, “Bison on a Stool”, Klaipėda

2008 – “Art + Art of Communication. Sound“, Kaunas Picture Gallery

Projects implemented by the Psilicone Theatre:

“You will not f***k me”, said the gritty hare” (audiovisual story about the side effect of technological process of printing – everything that is dirty, poisonous and hazardous to health during the process of engraving creation becomes the artistic means of expression in the video performance. Views: A. Petrulienė, sounds: T. Genevičius)

“Let Your Radiance Shine Through!” (radioactive story from silicone characters, experiments of quantum physics and poisonous liquids dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe. Views: A.Petrulienė, sounds: T. Genevičius)

“Cheated and Robbed in Šilainiai” (audiovisual story based on real facts of Kaunas criminal chronicle dedicated to residents of yards of typical multi-apartment houses. A. Petrulienė and the band KonTaktai).

“Žiobtai” (audiovisual adventure in the swimming-pool dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Jurgis Mačiūnas).

“Bison on a Stool” (audiovisual story based on a real event in Lepšių forest, when a Norwegian citizen shot a female bison in January of 2007. The performance is addressed against the general frustration of Lithuanians and its consequences – alcoholism, suicides. Video performance: A.Petrulienė, second video camera: D.Petrulis, classical guitar: V.Benaitienė, special sound effects: T.Genevičius).

“Here Comes Vilnius!” (the past and future of Vilnius according to legends, dreams and prophesies. Cultural relations – fresh attitude. Music – Quintet of Wood Wing Instruments of Kaunas Musical Theatre).

“In puris naturalibus” (completely nakedly about the vitality of art. Silicone spring according to Plato - “things that move eternally are immortal”. Dedicated to the project of Vytautas Magnus University art gallery opening “Fabulae Moventes”).


2007 – Brick of Kindness of Kaunas city municipality for the deposit into the cultural life of Kaunas and the raising of creativity of the young generation.

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