Aleksandras Macijauskas was born in Kaunas on May 16, 1938. An honoured photo-artist of the International Federation of Art Photography, Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Kaunas Branch, Director of photography gallery Fujifilm of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, a member of the Lithuanian journalists’ union, Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, FIAP.


He graduated from the secondary school in 1962 and studied Western philosophy independently in 1973-1977.

Photo-correspondent of the newspaper “Vakarinės Naujienos” (1967-1979), executive secretary of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers in Vilnius (1973-1974), executive secretary of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers in Kaunas from 1974, Chairman of Kaunas Branch from 1978, Chairman of Artistic Council of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers (1979-1989), presently – Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Director of photo gallery Fujifilm.


Awards, achievements

Cavalier of the 5th degree Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas. Emeritus activist of culture (1986), winner of the Lithuanian National Prize (1995). Included into the "History of World Photography” (New York, 1984). Founder of the photography school-club (present Kaunas Scholl of Art Photography) (1985). Awarded with many international prizes and medals. Prize of Kaunas Art Creators’ Association for the book of works of all life “Selection of Photography” (2003). Prize of Kaunas Art Creators’ Association for the book “Selection of Photography” (2004). “Golden Cross for Merits” (Poland, 2006) for merits while developing cooperation. Culture and art prize of Kaunas City Municipality for the nurturance of visual art (2008).

Major creative works
Demonstrations (1965–1985); Rural Markets (1969–1987); Veterinary Clinics (1977–1994); Farewell (1969-); Memory (1980–); Lithuanian Weddings (1970–); Dying Trees (1984–); Summer (1974–1984).
One-man exhibitions

M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas, 1968; Art Museum, Ruzomberok, Czechoslovakia, 1970; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France, 1974; Galeria Fotografiki, Warsaw, Poland, 1976; Musee Reattu, Arles, France, 1977; Galerie et Fils, Brussels, Belgium 1979; Prakapas Gallery, New York, USA, 1979; United Nations Library, New York, USA, 1980; Photo Gallery, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1982; Valokuva Galleria Finnfoto, Helsinki, Finland, 1984; Galerie Municipale du Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France, 1986; Portfolio Gallery, London, England, 1991; Gallery Les Chiroux, Liege, Belgium, 1993; Vilnius Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 1993; Memory, Fujifilm Photo Gallery, Kaunas, 1994; Lithuanian Museum of Art, Chicago, USA, 1994; In a Veterinary Clinic, Palais des Congres et de la Culture, Le Mans, France, 1994; Alte Schlosserei Galerie, Berlin, Germany, 1995; Museum of Photography, Šiauliai, 1995; Memory, Fujifilm Photo Gallery, Kaunas, 1995; Photography Gallery, Panevėžys, 1996; Photography, Hello and Good Bye, Museum of Photography, Šiauliai, 1998; New Mexico Museum, Santa Fe, USA, 2001; KL Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2002. 2005: retrospective exhibition “Aleksandras Macijauskas” in Warsaw, Old Gallery, "Photo-anecdotes" in Warsaw, Small Gallery, personal exhibition “Aleksandras Macijauskas: Oneman – show“ in Berlin BARTELT gallery.

Group exhibitions

Museum of History and Ethnography, Leningrad, Russia, 1972; FNAC-Montparnasse, Paris, France, 1979; The Photographers’ Gallery, London, England, 1980; Photography Center, Stockholm, Sweeden, 1985; Photography Society, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1987; Photography Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 1987; UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, 1987; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, Great Britain, 1987; General San Martin Photography Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988; Photography Gallery, Cheb, Czechoslovakia, 1988; Comptoir de la Photographie Galerie, Paris, France, 1988; L’Anne de l’Est, Musee d’ Elyse, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1990; Photography Festival, Arles, France, 1990; Memory and Intuition. Modern Lithuanian Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Lodz, Poland, 1990; Photography Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 1991; Aspects of Photography, IFA Galerie, Berlin, Germany, 1992; Das Gedächtnis der Bilder: Baltische Photokunst heute, Stadtgalerie im Sophienhof, Kiel; Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany; Latvia Exhibition Hall, Riga; Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Berlin Galerie Martin Gropius Bau; State Academy of Arts, Gdansk, Poland; Nikolaj Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1993–1994; Galeria Fotografii, Lodz, Poland, 1994; Bread and Salt, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, 1994; Bread and Salt, Edinburg College of Art, Edinburg, Great Britain, 1995; Vitality and Changes in Lithuanian Photography, Gahlberg Gallery, Chicago, USA, 1995; 7th Northern Film Festival, Ruan, France, 1995; Bread and Salt, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, Great Britain, 1996; Prohibited Nudes of Lithuanian Photographers, Munich, Germany, 1996; Bitter Past, Obalne Galerie, Piran, Slovenia, 1997 (travelled to Municipal Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia); Galery of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 1999; Contemporary Lithuanian Photography, Jozef Sudek House of Photography, Prague, Czeck Republic, 1999; Contemporary Lithuanian Photography, Month of East European Photography, House of Culture, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1999; How Are You?, Prospektas Photo Gallery Vilnius, 2001; Photography Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 2002; Lithuanian Insights: Photography from 1960 till our Days, Leinwandhaus Galerie, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2002; Das Baltische Fotolinse, Schloss Holligen, Bern, Switzerland, 2003.

Museum of Photography, Šiauliai, Lietuva; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France; Musee Reattu, Arles, France; Musee Francais de la Photographie, Paris; Musee d’Art et d’Historie, Fribourg, Switzerland; Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Vilnius; International Center of Photography, New York, USA; Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, Modern Art Museum (Stockholm, Sweden).
Major publications


My Lithuania. – London: Thames and Hudson, 1991; Rural Markets. – Vilnius: Mintis, 1992; To Live. – Kaunas: Kaunas Art Fund, 1997; Aleksandras Macijauskas. Selection of Photographs. – Vilnius: Vaga, 2003; Aleksandras Macijauskas / Catalogue of Art Photography Exhibition. – Vilnius, 1971; Aleksandras Macijauskas / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Warsaw, 1976; Aleksandras Macijauskas / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Vilnius, 1977; Aleksandras Macijauskas. Veterinary Academy Clinics / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Vilnius, 1979; Aleksandras Macijauskas / Fotografie a karikatury. – Brno, Czech and Slovakian Republic, 1977; Aleksandras Macijauskas. Feet on Shore / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Vilnius, 1984; Aleksandras Macijauskas / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Vilnius, 1988; Aleksandras Macijauskas. Lithuanian Rural Markets / Chicago, USA, 1994; Aleksandras Macijauskas. Tod und Ritual / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – Berlin, Germany, 1995; The Avant-Garde Document: Photographs by Aleksandras Macijauskas / Catalogue of Photography Exhibition. – New Mexico, USA, 2001.