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From the conversation of the art critic Raimonda Kogelytė-Simanaitienė with the glass artist Sigita Grabliauskaitė, whose exhibition “Glass Island" is open at the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, A.Žmuidzinavičius Museum of Works and Collections.

R.Kogelytė-Simanaitienė: Why and how have you chosen glass as creative material? How does glass charm a creator in general?

S.Grabliauskaitė: First of all, it is mystery and curiosity. I am eager to learn as many technological possibilities as there are.

The economic situation is so fluctuating in Lithuania, and I want to feel independent from the big stock companies – hot glass studios, which are getting extinct or are already extinct.

The mystery of glass hypnotises. If you succeeded with one technique today and it helped to render your artistic idea, it does not mean that you will remain with it always. Discovery of new methods is more important to me; it gives a chance to express my creative idea.

The charm of glass lies in its change. Look at a work of glass at home at daytime and in the evening. Have you noticed any changes?

A stained-glass work, a glass plate, a decorated mirror, shining object, decorative partition and many other interior or exterior details may become glass artworks.

This material is sublime and patient. It is important to learn to manage various technologies of processing glass. If you work with love, glass is always able to surprise you.

The moment when you give your work to fire (oven melting glass) is extremely exciting. The oven discovers even more possibilities of the glass character.

Even technological problems may become new discoveries. Let’s say the cracks in a glass work may be used as unexpected decoration; they are sometimes used as décor for tables and partitions in interiors.

We do not imagine interiors of the 21st century without glassworks at all. Constantly changing technologies influence decisions of artists and, thus, life becomes more interesting.

I believe now that glass is the material which helps me to reveal as an artist the most.

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