Painter Agnė Liškauskienė, "The condition for creation is racing against time" 1

Interview by Dovilė Stirbytė, 2016-08-04
Agnė Liškauskienė. Post '96 landscape, 100 x 120, oil, acrylic on canvas, 2015

In brief: Artist Agnė Liškauskienė draws the motifs for her canvases - free from literary narrations or social contexts - from the surrounding nature. She subtly abstracts the objects and phenomena met in reality to a conceptual sign or simply a color field, turning their identification into a very difficult task. Often, the only thing that helps overcome it, is the title of the work.


First, I wanted to know why the artist chose painting above all things. "I think, in part, my choice was determined by the fact that I was noticed and encouraged on time. If at the time, my teachers would have said that painting is not for me, I would have taken their opinion into account and would have chosen something else. When you are young, I think, authority does have a significant influence," says Agnė Liškauskienė.


Talking about her inspirations painter explains, "While drawing the inspiration from nature it is impossible to overlook its constant change. The same regularity is noticed in human life. While creating you are not simply carrying out a mechanical, manual work - at the same time you have many thoughts flooding your head, the unconscious analyzing of the topic and the search for means of expression is also taking place. Human connection to nature is obvious: nature is a visible and tangible life transformation scheme; it is partially our reference point when we rethink the secret of our being, as humans."



It is apparent that colors, their nuances and communication between them is very important for Agnė Liškauskienė. According to the painter, all her oeuvre is connected to color and the way it is seen. "I am inspired by the color connections that I see. How I use a color depends on what I want to convey. Some works have plenty of it, color connections are strong, and it some, it is barely seen, almost invisible. Even my stitched, wrong side, seemingly monochrome canvases have plenty of color. Although, there were people who said there was nothing there. Color vision and perception is a very interesting phenomenon.”


I wanted to know what role the viewer plays in the painter's oeuvre. Agnė says, "I believe that my works are for meditation, comfort and search for individual meanings. When presenting my exhibition I provide some guidelines, but the rest is for the viewer to interpret the way he or she likes. The viewer's opinion is interesting to me, if he has anything to say. I do not give much importance to such praises like "very beautiful."

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