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2009 01 11


Vilis Normanas

The author of “Grave of Nostradamus“ Vilis Normanas noted that he was going to leave abroad. We met with Vilius at hospital, where the writer spent more than two weeks after a cruel beating and underwent two surgeries of the head. He is tired but not crocked. With shiners under eyes and a smile which does not match them, the writer looks as if he were living in a hotel.

I will not hide that an unexpected piece of news made me come here. Speaking on the phone, you noted that you were willing to leave Lithuania. Is it true?

I will not hide that it is true. I have been thinking of it for quiet a while but I was prevented by studies. Now only poor health interferes, still, I hope to get well soon. I have done everything in Lithuania what I could: I have written four novels, one play and one scenario for a film, I received a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and wrote several hundred frank articles. It is a lot for a young man of 23 years of age. What is the result? Nothing. This is Lithuania.

How did this idea appear?

I have tried all possible works and occupations but I did not find anything that would become dear to me. I received a notebook for Christmas with words of Confucius: “Choose a work you enjoy and you will not have to work for the entire life“. Also, I am very tired from anger and hatred of people in Lithuania. I do not want millions, it is enough for me to create and work quietly.

Perhaps a long holiday would be enough?

I will surely take a holiday; however, I will spend it in Lithuania instead of the plans to spend it abroad. However, I hope to run away from the entire world and to put down future plans somewhere in tranquillity.

When did you let yourself rest for the last time?

I do not remember. I think this has never happened. I have been working since sixteen, and I do not rest from that time. I did not rest before that as well. Life is too short to rest. I am like D. Trump – I am against holidays.

When people are leaving somewhere, they are seeking for a fuller life or they simply want to run away from themselves (their problems). What is the reason for leaving for Vilis Normanas?

Where can one run from oneself and for what purpose? You may run away from yourself to another world only. I am leaving as I want to see merry faces, goodwill instead of people spreading anger and grudge; also, I have creative plans, and artists are not needed, they are hated here in Lithuania. This is the most probable reason why there are only several of them in Lithuania and everybody is thinking how to run away from the Lithuanian absurdity.

Do you notice more negative than positive things while living in Lithuania?

Quantitatively there are more negative things; still, there are some really wonderful people here as well.

Where do you plan to go, if you may reveal this?

France, England, USA. This is according to the order of priorities.

Why these countries in particular?

France has raised the best artists in the world. England has also had some outstanding stars of literature, and the USA is the country where work rather than gossip is appreciated, different from Lithuania.

Are you going to continue writing novels while living abroad, and perhaps you are planning to engage in some other activity?

Of course, I am going to create, I do not know how to live otherwise. I believe that all artists should run away from Lithuania instead of suffering the humiliation spread by people and the state.

You state on the website of your book that you are not going to disclose all secrets. What is hiding under the mask of Vilis Normanas?

Try to guess. I don’t think you will succeed.

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