Indra Gavėnaitė, 4th year student of VMU, 2009 12 03

T.Kandiani. Other Stories. Photo from the archive of

S.McGuiness. Lost Portraits. Photo from

In brief: Two different stories about people – these are the impressions from the exhibition of Seamus McGuinness and Tania Candiani that was open at Meno Parkas gallery under the flag of Kaunas biennial “Textile09”.

The Irish artist S.McGuinness is speaking about people who killed themselves in his "Lost Portraits". The project was initiated and created in Ireland during the four years of his post-graduate studies. While collecting the material, the author communicated with families of suicides that shared personal things and photographs for the project of S.McGuinness. Portraits of suicides were woven digitally along with names and age. A short film was prepared about the weaving of portraits by jacquard machine. 42 portraits of the lost people of real size were woven in total.

The works of S.Mc Guinness were presented along with the exhibition of the Mexican artist T.Candiani “Other Stories”. Intimate behaviour of entire social groups as well as separate individuals is analysed in works of this artist. Using mattresses of beds and words embroidered on them, the artist emphasises the physical body as well as emotional status of a human being. Another side of life is pictured in the light works. Love is part of the daily life interpreted by T.Candiani in an original manner.

Even though certain problems of the society and individual are solved in the artist’s exhibition, full-blooded life is taking place. Meanwhile, the work of S.Mc Guinness separated by a black curtain seems to be different from the Mexican artist’s exhibition only at the first glance. It speaks in a pessimistic manner and emphasises that something dear is lost for good.

Still, both authors turn attention to problems of the society. Human life is the main thing joining the exhibitions conceptually. The expositions replenish each other, and the question of human existence and fragility of life is brought up.

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