Aušra Barzdukaitė-Vaitkūnienė, 2008 11 28   A photograph made by Arūnas by mobile phone, 13 05 2005, Garicula, Georgia I woke up with eyes full of tears due to a sad dream.A message from Arūnas reached me in the early morning: “The Squirrel is in Tbilisi already. 14 05 2005, 09:51."May 14, Saturday. It’s cold but the cloudless sky is sunlit.The plane left a white stripe on the blue sky.Arūnas will return from Georgia by plane tomorrow.Tomas and I waited for him so much.I looked at the passing plane too long. A strange thought crossed my mind for a moment: “There will be no Arūnas on the plane and I will not have to meet him.”The day was long. We went to my workshop along with Tomas in Šančiai.The workshop is full of unfinished paintings. It is interesting for Tomas, he found an occupation. Suddenly I became worried and even started panicking. I wanted to run somewhere and to hide. I felt fear. Then I looked at Tomas.The second strange thought penetrated me: “From now on you will have to be with Tomas everywhere.”We decided to return home.3 p.m. A telephone call. I answered it but they did not want to speak to me. They asked to invite some relative.They did not dare say to me: “Arūnas is dead...”Absolute silence descended in the heart, mind and thoughts. Everything broke off… I stopped fearing for anything.Arūnas died in a small street of N.Izashvili in Tbilisi.This was the place where he left Earth.Mountainous, proud Georgia and endless distances of skies with the painted kite flying in the wind invited Arūnas to continue the endless trip.After a week Arūnas’ body was brought back to Lithuania. The burial took place on May 22, 2005.The painter is buried in Romainiai Cemetery in Kaunas.

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