The 1st week’s statistics (October 3-10) of is joyful.

We‘ve already got 1426 unique visitors, who have dropped into our website 2186 times and opened 52 570 pages (2, 59 GB).

The team of visitors is increasing by approximately 200 a day. A quarter of visitors have already included its address into their everyday usage list.
Kaunas arts website is being read not only in Lithuania, but also in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Russia and other countries. Our readers‘geography widens with each day.

Our website has been referred to 91 times through one of the most common Internet search systems Google.

In search for visitors most often (75, 6 %) use Internet Explorer.

Big thanks for the first week with you. We are happy to be helpful.

E-editors' office

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