Birutė Letukaitė was born in year X which is not announced by her request, on March 27, when the world celebrates the International Theatre Day.

She learned dance expression in the class of Kira Daujotaitė in 1967–1979 and was the dancer and soloist of the dance troupe “Sonata”.

She learned various dance techniques and choreography in dance seminars in Lithuania and abroad: International Sommerkurs des Tanz Palucca Schule in Dresden (1976, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1989); International Dance Week in Prague (1988, 1989); in seminars during festivals in Tallinn (1988, 1990), Duisburg (1991-1995), Gdansk (1996, 1997), Swansee, Wales (1995), Vitebsk (1993-1998).

In 1978 she graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences; in 1980 B.Letukaitė founded a dance studio “Aura”, which later developed into the theatre of the same name and a dance studio operating under it.

In 1995 the dance studio “Aura” was registered as Kaunas municipal dance theatre “Aura” and is partially funded from the city budget.

Educational and public activity:

In 1984 – 1988 she worked as a choreographer at Kaunas Sports School; from 1991 she has been a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts;

In 1993 – 1994 she organised dance lessons for students of Kaunas Drama Theatre studio; from 1999 she heads dance lessons of seniors.

From 1990 Birutė Letukaitė started organising International Modern Dance Festivals. The 15th festival took place on October 7-10, 2005. She invites choreographers and lecturers from the West and participates actively in educational and pedagogical activity of dance art.

After “Aura” gained the status of the city theatre, B.Letukaitė started public-social activity. The biggest attention and support of the society was drawn by the project “Road” with Kaunas residents who have movement disability and the joint project with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange (USA) for elderly people “Silent Walking” as well as the project for youth “Be Yourself”.

Creative activity:

“Aura”, “Suite of Bells”, “Memories”, “Spring”, “Rondo Veneciano”, “Lithuanian Variations”, “Waltz”, “In Station”, “M.K.Č”, “Whirlpools”, “Galvė”, “The Black”, “Three Solo”, “A’la Improvisation”, “Natyasastra”, “Improvisation with Litvinski”, “Dream”, “Extremum Mobile”, “Memories about Future”, “re-gi-ne-re-gi”, “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” – these are the most important works of B.Letukaitė at “Aura” theatre.

She has created choreography for the performances of G.Padegimas “Jezma” and “At Hair’s Margin from Death”, for historical performances of V.Grigolis at Kaunas castle “Storm of Crown”, “Mindaugas”, “Vytautas”, “Leave the Name of Lithuania”.


Awards, achievements:

1992 – State stipend for young artists.

1993 – At the decision of Kaunas City Council “Aura” was granted the status of Kaunas city theatre (partially funded from the city budget). Birutė Letukaitė became the founder, director and artistic director of the only dance theatre in Lithuania with such status, Kaunas dance theatre “AURA”.

1993 – The performance “Waltz” was evaluated by the highest award for choreography at the International modern choreography competition-festival in Vitebsk.

1996 – Student of “Aura” and pupil of Birutė Letukaitė Rūta Baublytė was recognised the best performer of European modern dance at the International European choreographic schools’ competition in Bulgaria.

1997 – The choreography of “Three Solo” was awarded by the 2nd prize at the International modern choreography competition in Kalish (Poland).

1998 – Diploma “Fortune” of Kaunas theatrical people for the dance project “Road” with the disabled of Kaunas city.

1999 – Premises in Daukšos street, old town of Kaunas, were granted to “Aura” at the decision of Kaunas City Council.

2001 – “Aura” presented the choreography of B. Letukaitė “Extremum Mobile” in one of the most famous dance stages in Stockholm – Dansens Hus.

2001 – “Extremum Mobile” became the winner of the International modern choreography festival-competition in Vitebsk.

2002 – “Extremum Mobile” awarded with the 1st prize at the International modern choreography competition in Kalysh (Poland).

2002 – “Extremum Mobile” received the prize “Fortune” of Kaunas theatrical people for the best choreography of 2001.

2003 – “Extremum Mobile” represented the Lithuanian modern dance in the festival of Northern countries “Les Boreales” in France.

2004 – “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” awarded by the diploma “Fortune” for its choreography.

2004 – “Extremum Mobile” and “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” presented at TANZherbst festival in Dresden and Euro-scene festival in Leipzig.

2005 – “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” represented the Lithuanian modern dance in Poland at the International modern dance festival in Kalish.

2005 – “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” represented the Lithuanian modern dance in Poland at the 12th International modern dance festival and conference in Bytom.

2005 – “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” presented at the Lithuanian modern dance festival “Baltic Dance“.

2005 – “Extremum Mobile” and “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees” presented in the 2nd European cultural forum in Luxemburg.

2006 – Golden Stage Cross for the performance “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Glees“.  

2006 – “Kaunas Spiritual Knight 2006” award for merits in the field of culture. 

2006 – Letter of gratitude of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for creative activity and work while preparing the modern dance festival.
2006 – “Extremum Mobile” and “Aseptic Zone of Lithuanian Glees” shown in Bielefeld Dance Festival (Germany).
2007 – Sign of honour of Kaunas city county for merits of life.

2007 – prize of Kaunas Art Creators’ Association for creative achievements in Lithuania and abroad in 2007. 

2008 – Prize of Culture and Art of the Government allocated for merits to culture and art of Lithuania.