The Far East in the press and travel descriptions of interwar Lithuania 0

Marius Vyšniauskas, 2014-06-16

In brief: Even though the biggest part of the press of interwar Lithuania was occupied with the war conflict of Japan, China and the USSR, some messages could be found from other states of the Far East, e.g. Korea, Indonesia, Siam (present Thailand), the Philippines, Burma (present Myanmar), India and other countries. When reading such messages, one may notice that the colonial Asia was falling apart.

Still, information about these countries was provided to Lithuanians not only by newspapers but also by two famous travellers Matas Šalčius (1890 – 1940) and Antanas Poška (1903 – 1992) in the times of the First Republic of Lithuania. These travellers spread the aroma of exotic cultures in their homeland. The article is dedicated to the review of such information and impressions brought from the Far East to Lithuania in the interwar period.

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