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Miglė Munderzbakaitė, 2016-07-13

In brief: The artist Alvydas Urbietis presented his solo exhibition of sculptures and objects “A Sense of Change” at Kaunas Post gallery at the end of June. The artist uses diverse materials and items borrowed from daily life in his works – tires, packs of medicines. The exposition has been formed of works from stone, metal, organic glass, paper, etc. The conceptual works ironically reflect changes taking place in our environment. The changing man dipped in his thoughts, typical striving for perfection, various phobias and changes in communication caused by technologies – these are the main themes of the presented works.

The exhibition starts before stepping to the first exposition hall already – the visitor is met by the work “Guardian Angel” previously exposed at Kaunas Picture Gallery. The paradoxical work – the stone figure of an angel popping up from a suitcase on a spring serves like a promise that the exhibition will offer unexpected solutions of expression.

The art critic groups the exhibits presented in the exhibition according to the story they reveal. The first group could be works reflecting existence – “Street Signs – Flair of Change”, “Thinker” or “Package for Convenient Thoughts”.

The second group of works could be called “Pursuance”. In these works (e.g., “Utopia”, “Correction of Epidermis”, “Symptomatic Drawer”) the author A. Urbietis reflects his own situation and sculptor‘s objectives, the man’s wish to be perfect and beautiful or to become a benefactor, no matter that one has no qualification for that.

The installation of “Karma Processes” introduces the viewer to the third group of works. By the object “Clockwork Orange” the author speaks about the problem of violence. The changing environment, various rules and stereotypes are the theme of the “Paranoid Breakfast” offered by A. Urbietis.


The exhibition of A. Urbietis “A Sense of Change” is open at Kaunas Post gallery until July 16.


Photos by Lina Pranaitytė, from the archive of Post gallery

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