A glance at the exhibitions presented at the National M. K. Čiurlonis Art Museum 0

Astijus Krauleidis-Vermontas
www.kamane.lt, 2016-06-23

In brief: This time, I suggest looking at the National M. K. Čiurlonis Art Museum's activities and see what interesting, useful and unseen things are happening at the museum's departments. At the exhibitions visitors will be able to get acquainted with Eugenijus Varkulevičius and Vladas Eidukevičius' exhibitions, to remember an important personality in Lithuanian history - Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis - and get acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to his 250th birth anniversary or carefully investigate Norwegian Inger Johanne Brautaset's exposition and Belgian art exhibitions.

The first portion of "ice cream" could be E. Varkulevičius' painting and video exhibition at the Kaunas Picture Gallery. It will run until the 28th of August. E. Varkulevičius is a well-known author in the Lithuanian and foreign art fields; he is recognized by his large-format canvases. E. Varkulevičius is a master of abstraction. His works really pull you in, however, they do not show any new creative side of the artist but rather confuses a little, when dozens of works are rested against the wall or placed on the pallets. It is joked that perhaps author wants to show the visitors how intensively he works.

We can also stop by the A. Žmuidzinavičius Memorial Museum where V. Eidukevičius' exhibition Wondering artistis taking place until the 28th of June. V. Eidukevičius stood out among others because he was able to convey a classical thought in a very modern way. Therefore, looking at his paintings we can recognize various artistic movements: impressionism, expressionism or post-impressionism. V. Eidukevičius is a strong colorist; he concentrates on the spatiality of a painting, even though he chooses to create portraits, Vilnius and Kaunas landscapes or household compositions.

Plot line is also important to the Norwegian artist I. J. Brautaset who presents her exhibition Road to Aleppo at the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery (exhibition will run until the 8th of August). In her work artist concentrates on the concepts of travel and road.  I. J. Brautaset presents graphic artworks that encode memory, inspired by ancient civilization.

Exhibition Faces of the past that runs in M. Žilinskas Art Gallery and is dedicated to M. K. Oginskis 250th birth anniversary (exposition will run until the 24th of July) intrigues to learn more about rich and vivid Lithuanian history. For the first time, exhibition allows to get acquainted more closely with Oginskiai family personalities and their work. Rich expositions consists of paintings, graphic art and applied arts (porcelain wares, bronze statuettes, clocks, Boulle style furniture, 17th century ebony cabinets and secretaire).

Diversity also dominates the exhibition Collection: Belgium-Lithuania. Belgian art from the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum collections which runs at the M. Žilinksas Art Gallery until the 31st of December. This event allows a full access to Belgian art, which includes painting, sculpture, graphic and applied artworks; exposition is complemented by medals and plaques.

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