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Astijus Krauleidis-Vermontas, 2016-07-13

In brief: The exhibition “My Yard’16” open at Kaunas Photography Gallery is a continuous project curated by Donatas Stankevičius. Contemporary photography of different authors for whom photography is not the main field of occupation is presented in the project. According to the curator, “this exhibition is more about a certain status rather than a place. It is about a moment when one wishes to explore oneself and the surrounding environment, about the search for forms and methods to do it.”

Seven authors are presented in the exhibition: Juozas Budraitis, Rūta Urbonaitė, Tomas Terekas, Laitas Rekus, Romualdas Vinča, Darius Jurevičius ir Vytenis Mališauskas, who analyse the feeling of one’s yard through the genre of a portrait.

The well-thought exhibition starts with photographs of J. Budraitis who has captured actors and other famous people in his photographs. T. Terekas concentrates on the contemporary portrait which is created with some irony – his works vary from self-portraits to portraits and are full of playfulness.

Photographs of R. Urbonaitė present the woman’s world, her sensitivity in the background of fields or wild nature. Meanwhile, L. Rekus explores the theme of LBGT and displays the portraits of five men who render the artist’s idea well.

Special attention is drawn by the portrait of a small girl in the photograph by V. Mališauskas. It is the only work of the photographer presented in the exhibition but it stands out by the mood. R. Vinča also presents one work – a portrait exalting femininity and mystery.

Finally, the cycle of D. Jurevičius is dedicated to the author‘s father – the emotional world of a man is highlighted in these photographs.


The exhibition “My Yard” runs at Kaunas Photography Gallery until July 17.


Photographs – from the archive of Kaunas Photography Gallery

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