According to the minutes of KAUET meeting of 2009 04 22 , 2009 05 07

A-3. View from Čiurlionis Bridge

In brief: What will rise instead of the dilapidated Pergalė factory? Who and how will create the neighbourhood of Akropolis and the Carmelites Church in future? Perhaps Kaunas municipality and the main city square will move there? And perhaps a Congress Hall will rise in this place?

Kaunas Architecture and Urbanism Experts’ Council (KAUET) considered pre-project offers for preparing the detailed plan of the territory at Kaunakiemio Str. 5. The designer is the private company E.Miliūnas’ Studio. Customer – Pergalė UAB.

The meeting was headed by Evaldas Barzdžiukas.

E.Barzdžiukas: The authors of the offers Vytautas Miliūnas and Dalia Paulauskienė (architects of E.Miliūnas’ Studio) presented an interesting material. 3 variants have been singled out. The experts are asked to state their opinion, which of the variants should be developed further.

E.Miliūnas presents all the offers.

Variant A. As the territory is located in the axis of the Nemunas, the appearance of a public space would be positive here. The square – terrace would be on the level of the third floor of the adjacent garages, it would lower towards the old town. The perimeter of buildings near the square would increase – more buildings would have good views. The dominants would be 4 “books” – buildings of 18-20 floors. The conversion of Kauno Energija AB buildings into a contemporary art centre is planned. A zone of 5-storeyed multi-apartment houses is designed in the second plan from the river, and a zone of 6-8-storeyed offices near them.

Variant B. At the wish of the customer, a high municipality tower is offered. The 30-storeyed dark tower would hang above the glass part. The project would be hard to implement. The square remains but its form is different. Office buildings and shopping premises are planned behind the square. The square would be surrounded by offices of volumes of 18 - 20 floors, 5-8-storeyed commercial buildings would be located at the avenue, and dwelling houses – behind them.

Variant C. A congress hall and 2 high-rise municipality and county administration buildings are offered in the square. The congress hall would assure the vitality of the square. The square above a garage of 1-3 floors would be terraced. Another part of the municipality would be joined with the bank and entertainment zone. Small volumes would be used in this zone. The majority of buildings would have the direct exit to the square. No buildings are preserved, only the conversion is offered.

After making the statements about the project offers and discussing their implementation possibilities, the experts provided recommendations regarding the further development of the zone.


1.1. It is offered to search for a relation of the square with the river, perhaps the river may be let into the quarter (6 experts).
1.2. A congress hall could appear in this zone (6 experts).
1.3. Variant C is the most acceptable due to the interesting visual relation of the square with the old town, terraced square solution, minimal domination, relation with adjacent territories (5 experts).
1.4. It is recommended to search for closer functional and space relations with adjacent quarters (4 experts).
1.5. Fragments of the present buildings could become the key for the construction structure (4 experts).
1.6. The height established in the territory may be increased (4 experts).
1.7. It is recommended to form the square as a more closed, cosy space, which would be closed from Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. more (3 experts).
1.8. It is recommended to reduce the intensity of construction (3 experts).
1.9. Dense construction could be encouraged, not necessarily high (3 experts).
1.10. The functional menu should be specified, the space structure of the residential and office zone should be found (3 experts).
1.11. It is recommended to develop variant A as it has the biggest perspectives from the compositional point of view (2 experts).
1.12. Gigantomania is felt in offers, the scale of Kaunas is not realised. Other priorities and other concept could be searched for (1 expert).

Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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