Kamanė, 2005 10 03

Everything is fine with us in general; still, we fear for Your health. For it not to get worse than it has been till now. Nobody asked You insistently (perhaps even with importune) to announce Your work, ideas, the received awards and titles up till now. Most probably some rather big businessman who constantly finds himself between the millstones would become astounded after receiving such an offer for self-advertisement. However, artists are strong people. It is really difficult to baffle them by this question.

Artists enjoy love and promises. Then it is clear that the lack for money is felt. If there were funds, mountains would turn into pieces at once. There is also the lack for external forces which have to explain that turning of mountains into pieces is a child's work when there are funds.

We fear that the appearance of Kamanė may spoil the usual harmony. We are walking, crawling and trying to fly at the same time, sometimes we hobble on purpose, we creep like we were field mice afraid of everything.

Afraid to harm and offend. We know our difficult character and that is why we are very agile, humble and repenting in advance. We agree to be wrong and this thought encourages us to work.

However, You should understand us as well. We were born like this; thus, what should we do now?

One incredibly famous king of architecture has warned: “I fear that you may catch the missionary disease of some culture weeklies”. We explained to him swearing by all gods that we are true pragmatics and that we are using pills of auto-irony as preventive measures against the missionary virus.

Ask the wild bumblebee working hard everyday in rain and wind, what her mission is.

Let us all together follow the example of the wild bumblebee. Perhaps someone will feel glad having found the full hive of our collected works. Isn't it the reason why it is worth pinging?

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