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Kristina Steiblytė
www.kamane.lt, 2013-09-12
Scene from the performance "Maja". Photo by D.Matvejevas

In brief: As it has already become usual at the Arts Printing House, the beginning of the new season is closely related with the new circus. The festival New Circus Weekend (like the Arts Printing House itself) promised exceptional experiences for admirers of untraditional stage art, like in previous years. The organisers stated boldly that this circus was not for children. However, the festival made one doubt this categorical statement as well as the novelty of the circus.

After the acrobat of the French troupe Cirque Plein d‘Air experienced a trauma, the programme of the festival shortened: four performances and one screening of circus films remained. The contemporary circus performance “Maja" showed at the beginning of the summer already did not create an optimistic mood. Young and enthusiastic performers seemed to have not mastered the tools to say what they wanted, like in the previous show. They lacked charisma that would catch attention of the audience.

Students of the Dutch and Belgian new circus schools Crique Gobouw surpassed the young Lithuanians by the performance, originality and sincerity. Still, the chosen means and creation did not persuade all the viewers.

Two performances remained that could formulate the definition of the new circus in the festival, not to count the three Finnish films about circus.

“Fuzzy Dice Circus” of Clunker Cirkus (Finland) shown in the courtyard of the Arts Printing House promised to interest by the disco performance of three not too serious professionals. Still, the performance did not distance from the traditional circus too much. True, the merry atmosphere was created with the help of not-too-tasty disco style and music that made the audience swing along with fuzzy dice hanging inside of the car, the main element of the set design.

The promoted performance “Smashed” of Gandini Juggling remained the only hope to see what was promised: a professional performance for grown-ups that would join circus and other arts. The hope was not empty. The professional performers showed a new circus work. The performance did not limit with charming scenes of juggling with apples that commented human relations snappily. Sweet smiles of performers vanished soon and they started smashing everything they found at hand – the juggling with apples hided the real frustration, anger and aggression that was unleashed on tea kettles and cups.

Such a performance is not for children for sure. It was the only event of the festival that was not adapted for children. Although the theme of human relations is not very original, the chosen means and ironic mood made the audience believe in the possibility of non-childish circus.

Thus, the alternative promised by the Arts Printing House disappointed a little, like the Arts Printing House itself, which becomes a house of traditional theatre little by little.

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