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Miglė Munderzbakaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2016-02-18
Fragment of the play Non-existent city (director Arvydas Lebeliūnas). Gintaras Česonis' photo from the KKT archive

In brief: If we approach the play Non-existent city from the perspective offered by the playwright, we will probably see that this production will constantly be in between (next) to what has been proposed to avoid - sarcasm, irony and funny moments and sentimentality, idyllic depiction, when it is spoken of serious and sad things.

Director Arvydas Lebeliūnas’ play titled Non-existent city consistently follows the structure dictated by the dramaturge - prologue, first act that contains four scenes, second act, which also contains four scenes and an epilogue. The play presents 9 stories, or perhaps it would be more precise to say their summaries - one includes the prologue and epilogue and the others we see in 8 different scenes. According to the director "the scenes of the play are recognizable for everyone, because firstly, it is a story about love and its various stages - when two people meet and become overwhelmed with feelings, when lovers start doubting each other, when they betray, leave and hate. To sincerely and simply realize a simple material is quite a challenge."

J. Cariani presenting his play points out, "Please keep in mind that "sweetness" will kill this play. Almost, Maine by nature is quite a sweet piece. There is no need to idealize the material. Simply... let it be what it is - a play about real people...facing the most difficult thing in life - love."

Music is important in both play and performance. Only director A. Lebeliūnas' stage adaptation chooses the music of Keith Kenniff (Goldmund) instead of Jullian Fleisher, who is suggested by the dramaturge. This choice changes the atmosphere of the play, providing it with more sentimentality and at times even sadness.

Scenography created by Sergėjus Bocculo is universal, functional and easy to adapt to changing scenes. The dominating wooden elements, on the one hand, create a warm atmosphere and at the same time reflect the feature of the area where said action is taking place - woodland.

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