Melancholy: black bile or influential word 0

Edvinas Grin, 2013-11-12
AVaspo. Photo of Darius Jurevičius

In brief: The joint project of the dance theatre AIROS, group of audiovisual poetry AVaspo and Kaunas Artists’ House, the sketch of the dance performance “Towers of Melancholy” will be presented in the Big Hall of Kaunas National Drama Theatre on November 14. Reflections about the creative process may be found in the interview with the choreographer of the performance Aira Naginevičiūtė and playwright, poetess, performed Gabrielė Labanauskaitė.

It is not the first project the creators are working at together – in 2008 they presented the dance performance “The Moon Ignores Barking Dogs” at the Arts Printing House. “Towers of Melancholy” is a new project, and the artists are working together again. According to G. Labanauskaitė, the team is similar except for the dancers. The difference is that texts were performed by actors, dancers and now she herself and the dancers perform them. The music is created by the band AVaspo (Vladas Dieninis).

A. Naginevičiūtė: “Dancers also created music in “The Moon”. Still, everything is intertwined in general. You do not know where dance or music starts or ends. The genres are mixed.”

As for the idea of the performance, the creators state:

G. Labanauskaitė: “Melancholy is analysed as a subconscious state that emerges in the most unexpected moments of life. It is like repeating drizzle that covers your thoughts”.

A. Naginevičiūtė: “It is a performance about the transformation of melancholy, its changing shapes, danger and destruction. The most important is the turning of dance, music, voice, set design, sound and text into the smooth status where all the components are interrelated. The search for new forms and the creation of synthesis of genres is interesting. The creation of the performance is a laboratory and the searches should be continued.”

The author asks why the artists decided to present the sketch of the performance. According to A. Naginevičiūtė, this had something to do with time and money. They reduced the number of performers as they could not afford more at the moment but will try to continue the project if the conditions will be of sufficient quality.


Initiators of the project: Kaunas Artists’ House, dance theatre AIROS, audiovisual poetry group AVaspo.

Tickets are sold by TIKETA:, Muse Hall of Kaunas Artists’ House and cash desk of National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

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