Lawyer of characters Vainius Sodeika: to win the viewer without a flip 4

Monika Jašinskaitė, 2014-04-23
Paul Ilber. “Intimacy”, dir. Artūras Areima (VMU Theatre). Photo from the archive from the actor Vainius Sodeika

In brief: The list of clients of Vainius Sodeika (b. 1986) includes sellers of cars and drug dealers, children of asocial families and such personalities as Guillaume Apollinaire, Tyler Durden, Serhiy Zhadan, Aksentij Popryshchin, member of Nobel committee Kaare Sandegren, former prime minister of Lithuania Albertas Šimėnas and even Leonidas Donskis. Grown in Vilnius, the actor completed studies at Vilnius Academy of Music and Theatre and started his career of lawyer of characters in Kaunas rather than Vilnius. He visits Kaunas frequently, and was evaluated with the Fortune statue on the eve of the Theatre Day. After work with the directors Gintaras Varnas, Jonas Vaitkus, Vidas Bareikis, Rolandas Atkočiūnas, Gabrielė Tuminaitė, Valters Sīlis, Rokas Eltermanas (in cinema), presently he is preparing for the premiere of the performance of Artūras Areima “Together” at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

In the interview the actor speaks about his work as an actor, collaboration with different directors and other colleague actors, different roles he has created in performances, methods to make an impact on the audience, work in Kaunas, people of this city, sources of creativity.

“It is important not be afraid of experiments, nonsense, to contradict the set rules. The man is inclined to comfort, actors crave for this comfort naturally, and you have to be cautious not to start doing things which have already been done,” the actor emphasises.

He also stresses the importance of young people in theatre. Sometimes they are not valued due to the reason that they have no experience; still, most often they can offer new ideas and they bring new life to theatre. They become the fuel of the engine of theatre.

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