Gytis Padegimas, "When was the last time we visited theatre with the whole family?" 19

Interview by Deimantė Dementavičiūtė-Stankuvienė, 2016-12-01
Director Gytis Padegimas. Karolina Sabaliauskaitė's photo

In brief: The finishing touches on Gytis Padegimas' play Rivers Under the Earth are taking place at the Kaunas Chamber Theatre (the premiere will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December). This is the 7th play in the director’s creative biography, based on the 20th century American playwright Thornton Wilder's work. The play is staged according to three one-act plays from the series Plays for Bleecker Street: Infancy, Childhood and Rivers Under the Earth. It will be a kind of continuation of two successful plays Our Town (1982) and A Long Christmas Dinner (1991). We talk with director G. Padegimas on what unites these plays and on the relevance of Th. Wilder's work today.



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