Dance Inspired by Paleontology  1

Monika Jarulytė, 2014-05-21
Kauno šokio teatras "Aura". Deborah Light "Ieškojimų kabinetas"

In brief:

Author's reflection on dance performance “The Curio Cabinet” by Kaunas Dance Theater AURA from Museums Night (choreography by Deborah Light, dance performance by Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Marius Pinigis, Andrius Stakelė and Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė).

Choreographer's inspiration was Mary Anning, the first woman paleontologist from nineteenth century. Mary Anning studied fossils, also known as “curios” – the word lent its name to the performance. “The Curio Cabinet”, or “Cabinet of curiosities”, or “Kunstkammer” gave the start to museums as we know them today.

Minimalistic scenography, abstract music and costumes, inspired by nineteenth century British fashion, reflect the cultural context as well as the idea of a free-thinking, strong yet lonely woman struggling to survive in the male-dominated world of science. 


Photo by Vytautas Daraškevičius

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